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AARC’s Virtual Lobby Week Paves the Way

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February 27, 2012

You can help pave the way for the respiratory therapists who will be going to Washington DC next week, to lobby Congress on our respiratory therapy  legislative agenda. How to help? Have all your colleagues, family, friends and patients participate in Virtual Lobby Week.

RTs who have been named by your state society as your Political Action Contact Team (PACT) representatives will be meeting with their Congressional delegations on March 6th. Hundreds of meetings have already been scheduled. By sending your emails, phone calls, and faxes to your members of Congress this week, you will pave the way for your PACT reps before their face-to-face visits on Capitol Hill.

When those Congressional representatives have heard from their constituents back home (that’s you!), the message that the PACT members bring is more likely to be heard.

The message you will be sending is simply: Support the Medicare Respiratory Therapy Initiative Legislation.

Go to our Virtual Lobby Week site where you can find out the background on our issue and see how easy it is to send a message to Congress. On March 6th Capitol Hill Day you can follow PACT RTs from the Virtual Lobby Week site who will be tweeting about their real time experiences up on the Hill.

Let your voice be heard!