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Section Members Earn a Bonus Webcast

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January 11, 2012

Upcoming Bonus Webcasts

Jan 18—
Adult Acute

Feb 8—

Feb 22—
Neonatal Pediatrics

Here’s one more reason to be a section member:  more free continuing education.

This year, each Specialty Section will have a bonus webcast opportunity, meaning that the archived webcast and test will be offered free of charge to members of that section.

The first one will be held Wednesday, Jan. 18 for the Adult Acute Section. While all members can participate for free for the live webcast at 2 p.m. (EST) that day, Adult Acute Care Section members will also have the option of viewing the archive and test of that webcast for free later. Typically members must pay $15 to take a test and earn CRCE credit for viewing an archived webcast.

On Jan. 18, Rich Branson will present Advanced Modes of Ventilation. The archive will be available within a week for Adult Acute Care Section members. To earn the CRCE credit from the archived version, Adult Acute Care members must take the test associated with the webcast.

Each of the other Specialty Sections will also be afforded with the opportunity to earn free CRCE credits for a specially selected archived webcast throughout the year. Members of that Section will be notified as these bonus webcasts occur.

To recap: what Specialty Section members get on these bonus webcasts is the opportunity to get the free nontraditional education credit by having the $15 fee waived for the test. Other AARC members who are not members of that section will still need to pay. Section members still need to pass the test in order to get their credit.

If you’d like this opportunity to earn more free CRCE credits, consider joining one of the 10 Specialty Sections offered by the AARC. In most cases, the cost of the free webcast pays for your membership, which ranges from $15 to $20 per Specialty Section. You’ll also have free access to the online communities of AARConnect for each Specialty you join.