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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

November 7, 2011

We have another great list of newsmakers to share–

Azure Morris
Azure Morris

Jimmy Renfroe
Jimmy Ray Renfroe

Ron McFadnen
Ron McFadyen

Cindy Coopersmith
Cindy Coopersmith

Gloria Morris
Gloria Morris

Christy Hall
Christy Hall

Simpson and Burton
Tracy Simpson, left,
and Amy Burton, right.

Tamara Porter
Tamara Porter

Esther Szmutni
Esther Szmutni

  • Azure Morris talks about her new program to help educate kids about asthma in this article in the Courier View out of Teller County, CO. Azure uses two hand puppets dubbed “Sneezy and Wheezy” to get through to her young audiences.
  • Jimmy Ray Renfroe is noted for his bid for St. Tammany Parish assessor in this article in the Slidell, LA, Sentry News.
  • Monica Christensen is profiled in this article in Hospitals & Health Networks for her efforts to go the extra mile for her patients. Wright Medical Center CEO Steve Simonin had nothing but praise for his RT. “You know that old saying, ‘A rising tide raises all boats’? Monica has definitely pushed everybody in the right direction. We basically became better because of some of the examples she’s shown us.”
  • Tina Siddon is noted for performing CPR on the victim of a traffic accident that occurred near her home in this article on out of Hopkins Country, KY.
  • Ron McFadyen’s RC Week plans are covered in this article in the Western Review out of Drayton Valley in Alberta, Canada.
  • Carola Aliaga is recognized for becoming a brand new U.S. citizen in this article in the Hazleton, PA, Standard Speaker. An attorney in Peru before coming to this country six years ago, she was quoted as saying, “I always admired the United States for being a world leader, and when I came to America, I slowly realized why America is a leading country. America is great because it is made of people from all over the world that want to live free in a country with opportunities for everyone.”
  • Devonne Canady’s boxing gym is the topic of this article in the New Haven, CT, Independent. The former national boxing champ started the gym to provide a place for youngsters in her community to learn more about the sport.
  • Jim Braley is noted for giving a talk on flu prevention and infection control in this article in the Twin City Times out of Marin County, CA.
  • Ken Bryson and his students, Sheri Hughes, Justin Jones, Alyssa Ortega, Chris Woods, and Ryan Rives, are featured in this article in the Redlands, CA, Daily Facts about their Sputum Bowl team. The team took top honors at last year’s Congress and was looking forward to the 2011 competition in Tampa.
  • Cindy Coopersmith offers good advice about the respiratory health effects of smoke from a fire in her community in this article in the Fort Collins, CO, Coloradoan. She used the occasion to promote RC Week as well.
  • Jamie Bisswanger comments on the clinical services offered by the home care company she works for in this article in the Stuttgart, AR, Daily Leader.
  • Ann Flint and her students are featured for hosting a Ventilator 5K in this article in the Jackson, MI, Citizen Patriot. The event, which was scheduled to coincide with RC Week, raised much needed funds for a local camp for kids with respiratory problems.

  • Anne Flint
  • Gloria Morris is noted for speaking on energy conservation and oxygen use during a session on heart failure in this article in the Conway Daily Sun out of Maine.
  • Earlishia Collins talks about her participation in a local program to clean up her city in this article in her college newspaper. “We painted. We picked up trash. We picked up cigarette butts from the park,” she was quoted as saying. “People were very appreciative.”
  • Christy Hall draws on her personal experiences to explain how her hospital’s new pediatric sleep center will help area children in this article  in the Danville, VA, Register & Bee. “My son is almost 21 and was diagnosed with ADHD, but now that I know more about sleep, he has the classic symptoms of more of a sleep disorder, not ADHD,” she was quoted as saying. “If I had this information 21 years ago things may have been different for Eric.”
  • Tracy Simpson and Amy Burton are pictured in this article in the Memphis, MO, Democrat aimed at highlighting their department during RC Week.
  • Gerald Schlette comments in this article in the Healthcare Finance News about the use of copper in medical gas distribution systems, explaining that, “Medical grade oxygen is of extreme importance for patients who are hypoxic…to the point of being a basic life support measure.”
  • Tamara Porter is noted for receiving the 2011 James Ancil Lewis Scholarship awarded by the Georgia Society for Respiratory Care in this article in the Savannah, GA, Morning News.
  • Esther Szmutni fills her community in on the signs and symptoms of COPD in this article in the Green Valley, AZ, News. “When COPD is in the mild stages, people don’t go to the doctor,” she was quoted as saying. “People can be so frightened by shortness of breath and become so afraid they do nothing.”
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