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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

September 19, 2011

We have some interesting newsmakers to share in this edition–

Rick Carver
Ruben Restrepo

Jackie Richards
Susan McQuade

Jackie Richards
Catherine Kenny

Jackie Richards
Marilyn Barclay

  • Christa Schneider offers advice on dealing with the smoke from local wildfires in this article and video on the KXAN-TV website out of Austin, TX. “If you can stay inside with the filtered air, that’s better,” she was quoted as saying.

  • Dr. Ruben Restrepo also informs his community about the respiratory health effect of smoke from the fires in this article in the San Antonio, TX, Express-News. “Typically the amount of particles inhaled is what correlates with the amount of symptoms,” he told the paper. “Those who are in the proximity of the areas where the smoke has been generated will have a much greater chance of inhaling those particles.”

  • Susan McQuade offers advice on managing asthma at school in this article in the Abilene, TX, Reporter News, emphasizing that kids need to know when their asthma is beginning to flare up.

  • Catherine Kenny provides a great overview of the respiratory care profession in this article in the Cleveland, OH, Plain Dealer. “From newborns to the elderly, respiratory therapists ensure that precious air makes it into the lungs of those who desperately need it,” she writes. Two of her students, Kathleen Spang and Timothy O’Brien, are featured in a photo that accompanies the story.

  • Jerry Alewine brags on four of his students who recently received scholarships or honorable mentions from the South Carolina Society for Respiratory Care in this article in the Greenwood, SC, Today. “Having two of the four scholarships coming back to the college is absolutely a validation for the educational background our students are receiving,” he was quoted as saying.
    Jerry Alewine and Students

  • Beata Rothrock shares her story about beating breast cancer in this article in the Lehigh Valley, PA, Express-Times, including her mission to start a support group for younger women with the disease. Beata was diagnosed when she was just 32.

  • Craig Morris comments on what it is like to share a birthday with the 9/11 terror attacks in this article in the Seattle, WA, Times. "Anytime there are donations being collected to support (military) families, I give a little extra because I feel that connection," he was quoted as saying.

  • Kelly Moore talks about a flu shot program being sponsored jointly by her facility and other groups in the community in this article on out of Southeastern Ohio.

  • Walt Wilson urges everyone in his community to come out for a cystic fibrosis walk sponsored by his RT program in this article in the Natchez, MS, Democrat. “The Respiratory Care Program started the walk two years ago for two reasons—respiratory care plays an integral role in the treatment of patients with cystic fibrosis; and one of our students at the time had a brother with the disease,” he explained.

  • Betsy Thomason is noted for leading a session on the BreathPlay method of breathing in this article in the Paramus, NJ, Post.

  • Todd Bocklage comments on new digs for his hospital’s pediatric specialty clinic in this article in the Columbia, MO, Daily Tribune, noting RTs are especially pleased to have a dedicated pulmonary function testing lab in the new facility. “In the old building, we were doing this in a converted closet,” he was quoted as saying.

  • Marilyn Barclay talks about her hospital’s new sleep center in this article in the Albany, OR, Democrat Herald.

  • Kelly Burdette is noted for helping to launch an asthma camp for kids in this article in the Peoria, IL, Journal Star. The camp was established to honor the memory of a young man who died of an asthma attack.