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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

March 1, 2011

Take a look at who’s been making news lately–

Daniel Spartz

Chris Kallus

William Beachey

Scott Cerreta

  • Valerie Meinhold comments on a new ventilator unit set up by her company in a New Jersey nursing home in this article on Patients in the unit will be monitored by ten RTs working at the facility.
  • Daniel Spartz and his bid for city council are the topic of this article in the Columbus, IN, Republic.  “My professional career has allowed me to focus on current process redesign, and I feel that this experience would be extremely beneficial in dealing with the tough decisions that the community is currently facing,” he was quoted as saying.
  • Sana Khan is pictured doing a PFT during a “Walk the Mall for Life” event held by her hospital in this article in the Chicago, IL, Daily Herald.
  • AARC COO Thomas Kallstrom weighs in on the e-cigarette in this article in the Washington Square News out of New York. “I still find zero evidence in the literature that this device helps the patient stop smoking and as such we do not endorse its use,” he was quoted as saying.
  • Debbie Fox does a great job explaining the potential dangers of e-cigarettes in this video on the KSN-TV website out of Wichita, KS.  
  • Cathy Hendrix is featured for explaining nocturnal oximetry testing to a patient in this article in the York, PA, Daily Record about a severely obese couple who is having difficulty conceiving. 
  • Debbie Parsons and Tom Bainbridge are pictured in this article in the Lexington, NC, Dispatch about a new cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation center opening up in their facility.
  • Tim Larson talks about his involvement in a medical mission to Honduras in this article in the Wooster, OH, Daily Record. “Most of it is education and support,” he was quoted as saying.
  • Veronica Contreras is noted for helping to teach free CPR classes in this article in the Dallas, TX, Morning News.
  • Gilbert Soto helps to promote a new study underway at his hospital to screen people for the Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency enzyme in this article on out of Philadelphia, PA. “Once we know a person carries AATD, the recommendation for lifestyle changes includes smoking cessation, exercise and oxygen therapy. A pulmonologist may also recommend infusion therapy, continued surveillance or pulmonary rehabilitation,” he was quoted as saying.
  • Chris Kallus is featured for being on the winning team in an employee giving campaign held by his college in this article in the Victoria, TX, Advocate. 
  • William Beachey comments on the addition of a master’s degree program in RT to his college in this article in the Bismarck, ND, Tribune. The program is geared towards students who already have a bachelor’s degree in a related area and want to get a higher degree in RT.
  • George Louvros is noted for his participation in a British Columbia Lung Association stair climbing event in this article in the Langley, BC, Advance. “Just when you think you can't go much farther, you’re done,” the two-time veteran of the event was quoted as saying. “It’s a good workout."
  • Casey Peterson receives kudos for receiving a Veteran’s Scholarship in this article in the Casper, WY, Journal. The Marine Corps vet will use the money to complete his RT degree requirements.
  • Peggy Lange is noted for being one of several authors of a paper published in the August issue of Respiratory Care in this article in the St. Cloud, MN, Times.
  • Jeff Knight talks about the newest location for his home care business in this article in the Voice-Tribune out of Louisville, KY.
  • Scott Cerreta and Esther Szmutni are featured for their role in a recent Respiratory Rally held in their community in this article in the Green Valley News and Sun out of Arizona. “COPD starts earlier than the disability. Quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do,” Scott was quoted as saying.

And here are the latest facilities to receive coverage for earning the AARC’s Quality Respiratory Care Recognition:

  • Norman Specialty Hospital in this press release on
  • Biloxi Regional Medical Center in this article in the Biloxi, MS, Sun Herald.
  • Valley Home Care in this article in the Northern Virginia Daily.
  • Lane Regional Medical Center in this article in the Baton Rouge, LA, Advocate.
  • Northeast Regional Medical Center in this article on the Becker’s ACS Review website.
  • And Fairmont Home Medical in this great video on the Channel 12 News out of West Virginia—
Enrollment/recertification for QRCR is going on now through Mar. 31.

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