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AARC Supports DRIVE4COPD’s 2nd Annual Great American Screen Off

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October 26, 2011

In support of DRIVE4COPD’s second annual Great American Screen Off on November 4, the AARC is calling on members to join together to raise awareness of the importance of early screening and detection for the estimated 24 million Americans who may have COPD.

AARC has been working on DRIVE4COPD initiatives all year long, but Nov. 4 gives a nationwide focus to the importance of screening for COPD.

AARC is lending its support to this year’s Great American Screen Off and encouraging its members to get involved in the following ways:


Post tweets or Facebook status updates on Oct. 26 to Nov. 4. AARC is on Team Danica and we’ll be in a competition with Team Patty (Danica Patrick and Patty Loveless, two of the DRIVE4COPD celebrity spokesmen) to see who can screen the most individuals between those dates. Include this link ( in your tweet or Facebook status to drive people to the AARC/Danica page. Let’s see if we can win this thing!

Sample Tweets

  • I’m a respiratory therapist and I want you to get screened for COPD. Take a five-minute screener here:
  • The Great American Screen Off is Nov. 4. I’m part of a contest to raise awareness about COPD. Take a screener to see if you’re at risk here:
  • If you’re 35 or older you should be screened for COPD. Do that online here:

Wear Orange on Nov. 4

Wherever you are, wear orange on Nov. 4 to raise awareness of COPD. But for those of you coming to AARC Congress 2011, Nov. 4 will be a travel day for many of you. Wear orange on the plane and strike up conversations with your fellow travelers about COPD and respiratory therapists. (Get them to take the screener if you can!)

Visit 24M Monument

When you arrive in Tampa, you may have a few hours to kill that first day. We suggest you visit the 24M Monument that is at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, 600 N. Ashley Drive in Tampa. It’s all within an easy walk of the Tampa Marriott and the Tampa Convention Center.

Send “good vibes” to our visiting patients

We’ll be holding an event for patients and their families at the Tampa Marriott as we kick off AARC Congress 2011. A screening event run by AARC will be complemented with an educational program offered by the COPD Foundation, the Florida Society for Respiratory Care, and Florida COPD Coalition.  All this occurs on Friday, Nov. 4 at the Tampa Marriott from noon to 4 p.m. and is free to the public.

Hold an Event

Maybe you’re not going to Tampa, but you can carry the flag back home. Nov. 4 is a great day for a screen off event in your town. Get what you need on the AARC’s website.