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Foundation Launches Campaign for Support

May 13, 2011

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The American Respiratory Care Foundation will be reaching out to the members of the AARC over the coming year, as it launches a campaign to build support for its charitable giving.

The ARCF is the arm of the respiratory care profession that supports projects and charitable endeavors to advance the profession. While much of that support comes from corporate giving, the members of the profession now have the opportunity to participate in the growth of the educational recognition awards, research grants, and other programs administered by the ARCF.

Grants given by individual AARC members will go to bolster the growth of these programs:

Community Grants—Grants to groups may be used to sponsor speakers, purchase supplies, pay to rent meeting facilities, or other activities that provide a benefit to the public in the area of respiratory care. Grants to individuals may be used to provide medication, treatment, supplies, accommodations for living, or other expenses relating to patients with a primary diagnosis of a respiratory disease.

Education Recognition Awards—These scholarships enable students to complete their education, many of whom have gone on to become leaders in the profession, paying back the assistance they received and excelling in areas ranging from management to research.

Fellowships and Grants—These programs have led to scientific work that has markedly improved our understanding of respiratory care and fostered clinical improvements at the bedside.

Your gift to the ARCF will be used to maintain its mission, by extending its reach beyond the bedside and into the lives of people living with lung disease. Consider this gift a way of paying it forward, recognizing the fulfillment respiratory care has provided to you by investing in the mission of the profession at large.