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Committee Develops Program Proposals into Congress Line-Up

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February 14, 2011

The Program Committee had their work cut out for them when they arrived for their annual planning meeting in Dallas. Over 800 individual lectures had been proposed by the membership.

By the time they left town on Feb. 11, they had a good outline of the priorities they need to address in the 2011 meeting and even the topics and symposia that will be offered for the Nov. 5–8 AARC Congress.

Among those priorities will be:

  • Health care reform
  • Patient safety
  • Developing more patient education skills
  • Helping RTs become part of the interdisciplinary team
  • Cost avoidance
  • Raising professional stature

Program Committee
Program Committee Chair Cheryl Hoerr makes notes for the book of proposals that are submitted by AARC members across the country.

This year’s meeting, in Tampa, will be earlier in the year than recent meetings and will be held on a Saturday through Tuesday. The format is expected to be the same:  four days of lectures and programs, three days of exhibits.

Program Committee
Negotiating for time is a part of the program planning process.

Registration is already open and those who already know they will be attending can save up to $30 over regular rates by registering now until April 29.

Cheryl Hoerr, 2011 Program Committee chair, explained that the committee does discuss each and every one of the submissions they receive. From there, recognizing themes and combining proposals into series helps incorporate many of the ideas that are submitted.

Program Committee
Past AARC President Tim Myers serves as scribe for ideas generated by Program Committee members.

“This committee puts in a lot of time over the whole year to get ready for our Congress,” she said. Once the skeleton of the Congress is put together at this planning meeting, the real work of organizing the topics and speakers begins and continues up until meeting time.

Program Committee
Garry Kauffman begins assigning lecture topics to days and times.

In addition to the Congress, the Summer Forum agenda was also planned. More information on both meetings will be released as it becomes available.