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Dr. Carolyn Clancy Inspires Listeners to Work for Change

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January 12, 2011

Ending with a message that “only those who provide care can improve that care,” Carolyn Clancy, MD, director of the Agency of Health Care Research and Policy, detailed a vision for the future when patients can expect better of their health care system.

Clancy was invited to deliver the Keynote Address at the International Respiratory Congress and used that time to inspire attendees to be advocates for their patients. She provided useful statistics about health care in general and lung care in particular and also related her personal story of her father with emphysema in his last days.

She said that all caregivers have a responsibility to make care as successful as possible and that respiratory therapists will be a key to making the system better. “We can begin to close the gap to what we aspire to for patients and what with actually happens in everyday life.”

We are offering a 6-minute excerpt of her 40-minute program, as well as the full version of her talk.

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