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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

December 1, 2010

Your fellow AARC members continue to make headlines around the country—

Mike Shoemaker

Allison Ranck

Shari Cunningham

Walt Wilson

Jonathan Jones

Jay Taylor

Janyth Bolden

Karen Schell

Thomas Campo

Jan Salo Korby

Jamie Bickel

  • Mike Shoemaker and his medical director, Dr. Allison Ranck, talk about their recent Asthma Self Management Education (ASME) certification from the AARC in this articlein the Independent Mail out of Anderson, SC. “We work closely with local physicians in helping them manage their patients with asthma,” Dr. Ranck was quoted as saying. “Any time we see a child at Asthmania Academy, we send a detailed report to the child’s primary care doctor with the results of any diagnostic studies as well as treatment recommendations based on the most recent nationally-recognized asthma guidelines.” You can read more about the Asthmania program in this article right here on

  • Anthony Alexander is recognized for his promotion to director of respiratory care services at his hospital in this article on

  • Shari Cunningham talks about the importance of spirometry screening for COPD in this article in the Upper Rogue Independent out of Eagle Point, OR. Her hospital was planning to hold free screenings on World COPD Day.

  • Walt Wilson writes about childhood asthma in this article in the Natchez, MI, Democrat. “Children with asthma can live a normal and active life with proper disease management, but it takes dedicated and compliant parents and patients to keep the disease under control,” he tells his readers.

  • Ashly Skinner is noted for joining the staff of a home care company in this article in dBusiness News out of North Carolina.

  • Chris Morrissey shares his experiences caring for infants in the NICU in this article in the University of Colorado Hospital newsletter, including his role in a new protocol aimed at safely weaning infants off the ventilator in the first hour of life. “We’re focused on getting them to breathe on their own and with as little damage as possible,” he was quoted as saying.

  • Jonathan Jones is pictured in two recent articles on out of South Carolina that deal with lung health. In this articlehe’s seen staffing a booth on smoking cessation, and in this one he’s pictured in front of lung testing equipment.

  • Sgt. 1st Class Terry W. Ellis, Jr., is noted for nominating his hospital for a military award honoring facilities that support their employees’ service in the National Guard and Reserves in this article in the Chattanoogan out of Chattanooga, TN. His department director, Lisa Caldwell, is pictured along with Terry and other hospital and military officials who were on hand when the award was bestowed.

  • Jay Taylor comments in this article in the Grand Forks, ND, Herald about a group organizing to fight a proposed hike in cigarette taxes in his state. Jay, who is a member of a coalition supporting the tax, says he and his colleagues haven’t  found a legislator to sponsor the bill yet but interest has been expressed.

  • Erica P. Mason and Christi Satterfield receive kudos for earning scholarships in this article in the Greenwood, SC, Today.

  • Janyth Bolden talks about the need to quit smoking in this article in the San Francisco, CA, Chronicle about free lung testing and smoking cessation tools being offered by her hospital during the Great American Smokeout.

  • Karen Schell shares great information about COPD and lung health in this article in the Emporia, KS, Gazette that also directs people to the Drive4COPD website to get screened.

  • Thomas Campo is noted as the contact person in this article in the Lehigh Acres Citizen out of Lehigh Acres, FL, about a program at his hospital that brings bioengineering students into the cardiopulmonary and radiology units to see how the equipment they study in the classroom ends up saving lives in the real world.

  • Jan Salo Korby talks about COPD and a free community education session on the condition being hosted by her hospital in this morning show appearance on the ABC-TV affiliate website out of Duluth, MN. “It’s estimated that 12 million Americans have this disease, but another 12 million have it but don’t know it,” she told the newswoman conducting the interview.

  • Jeff DiPiazza and Bob Falcone are recognized for their membership on a “SWAT team” that earned a gold award for eliminating ventilator-related infections their hospital in this article in the Pittsburgh, PA, Business Times. The award was sponsored by the Fine Foundation and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation.

  • Jamie Bickel is noted for receiving the Charles Robinson Memorial Student Scholarship from the Ohio Society for Respiratory Care in this article in the Mansfield, OH, News Journal. Jamie’s winning essay was featured in the November issue of AARC Times.