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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

October 25, 2010

Your fellow AARC members continue to make headlines around the country—

Tom Kallstrom

Ron Bacon

Richard Hinds

Robin Anthony

Robert Fluck, Jr.

  • AARC COO Tom Kallstrom got the chance to talk about COPD and the Drive4COPD campaign during this hour long interview on the Sirius XM Doctor Radio channel. Dr. Frank Adams, a police surgeon and pulmonologist in New York, conducted the interview.

  • Will Beachey shows off a set of healthy and diseased lungs at a career fair for high school kids in this article and video on the NBC-TV affiliate website out of Bismarck, ND. "One thing that respiratory therapists do is we get into smoking cessation, and we try to, especially with high school population, teach them about the hazards of smoking and this is kind of a graphic demonstration of that," he was quoted as saying.

  • Donna Villano comments on the certification her cardiac rehabilitation program just received from the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation in this article in The Day out of New London, CT.

  • Ron Bacon is noted for running for an Indiana House seat in this article in the Evansville Courier & Press.

  • Richard Hinds receives more coverage for his bid for school board in this article in the Rochester, MN, Post-Bulletin.

  • Robin Anthony shares great information about being an RT in this interviewin the Battle Creek, MI, Enquirer. “We are the ones you want to see when you can't breathe,” she was quoted as saying. “We are the ones that, when your heart stops, we're there. We major in heart and lung.”

  • Jim Robertson is seen looking at photos from his hospital’s 60 year history in this photo on the NWTN Today website out of Tennessee. Jim has been with the facility for 33 years.

  • Robert Fluck, Jr., urges people to learn about the air quality index in this article in the Syracuse, NY, Post-Standard.

  • And Union Hospital is noted for receiving the AARC’s Quality Respiratory Care Recognition in this press releaseon