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AARC is a Partner in the Year of the Lung initiative. We have joined in a movement with other pulmonary organizations around the world in one mission: to educate and promote lung care initiatives.

September—Aerosol Delivery Device

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The simple aerosol delivery device is a powerful tool. As stated in an AARC guidebook, “Aerosol therapy continues to be both an art and a science.”

Respiratory therapists are indeed the experts in marrying the art and science of respiratory care. The science of the pharmacology, the physics and anatomy and mathematics of aerosol delivery is paramount, But the art—utilizing proper  technique—is equally important.

Let’s celebrate the Aerosol Delivery Device in September and recognize the RT’s role in using, teaching, and reinforcing their expertise in aerosol therapy.

Do It

  • Keep a watch for AARC members in the news based off the AARC generated press release program we have going.

  • Keep an ear to the ground. Your state society may be planning a World Spirometry Day Event on Oct. 14 and may need your help.

  • Get ready to celebrate RC Week with its theme of “Inspire!” Learn about all the ways you can be inspirational.

Learn More

  • Get the latest information on aerosol delivery devices and earn 6 hours of CRCE credit for reading and taking a test. It’s up-to-date information every respiratory therapist should know.

Share It

Share the information and tips in this Summer issue of Allergy and Asthma Health magazine. This information will benefit your patients who need help managing their asthma.

Here are tips about using your inhaler correctly as presented on the AARC’s patient education site,

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