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AARC Looking For High Performance Teams

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May 3, 2010

AARC is seeking information about High Performance Teams, especially those with respiratory therapists. The AARC has been working with the Hospital Care Collaborative, a national organization of six health care professions, focused on improving outcomes through teamwork.

Bill Dubbs, AARC Director of Management and Education Services, is seeking input of the respiratory therapy community by May 17 to take back to the Collaborative.

What’s this all about? Since 2009 the AARC has participated in The Hospital Care Collaborative (HCC) with leaders from six health care professions-representing nursing, pharmacy, case management, social work, respiratory therapy, and hospital medicine. The HCC is focused on improving clinical outcomes through teamwork and accountability in the nation’s hospitals.

The group is currently planning to develop approaches to promote the utilization of High Performing Teams (HPT) at our nation’s hospitals and out into our health care communities.

Dubbs said “High Performance Teams are making a positive impact on health care outcomes.” He provides examples from such as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, groups that are supportive of the HPT concept.

The Collaborative defines a High Performing Team as an interdisciplinary group of individuals who work interdependently within a larger organization, have complementary skills, have a common purpose or goal, and share accountability of outcomes.

The HCC is interested in learning more about existing HPTs to be better prepared to develop strategies in education, training, implementation, and the research aspects of HPTs.

The AARC is assisting in this effort by attempting to identify HPTs.  While we are most interested in identifying teams in which respiratory therapists have or are playing an active role, we are most focused on identifying effective interdisciplinary teams.

The Hospital Care Collaborative plans to interview members of selected teams on August 13, 2010 virtually over the web. Each team and as many of their team members who are available only need to be available for 30–45 minutes to present and discuss their team.

If your institution has a team and would like to be considered, please provide the information requested on the attached form and email it to Bill Dubbs by May 17, 2010. Selected teams will be notified by the end of June 2010.