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Year of the Lung—Pulmonary Rehab Makes Life Better

AARC is a Partner in the Year of the Lung initiative. We have joined in a movement with other pulmonary organizations around the world in one mission: to educate and promote lung care initiatives.
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March 8, 2010

Lung Days in March

March 7–13
National Sleep Awareness Week®

March 14-21
Pulmonary Rehab Week

March 24
Kick Butts Day

Respiratory therapists know it. COPD patients know it. We want everyone to know it: Pulmonary rehabilitation makes life better.

As we do our part to celebrate the Year of the Lung, AARC’s mission in March is to reach out to those who need to know that pulmonary rehabilitation can help them breathe better and improve their quality of life.

What can you do?

Volunteer Vignette

Read more about respiratory therapists making a difference in their pulmonary rehab programs: Debbie and Julie’s Breathing Buddies.

For More Information

As a respiratory therapist and AARC member, you can tap in to more resources on pulmonary rehabilitation.

  • Join the Specialty Section. We have an active community of members interested in pulmonary rehab. Join the discussions and share information with fellow respiratory therapists around the country in our Continuing Care/Rehabilitation Section.
  • Keep in the know. New rules about pulmonary rehab reimbursement are coming into play. Keep up to date on these regulations.
  • Share information with your patients. We have a wealth of material that patients in pulmonary rehabilitation will want to read. Share our consumer site,, so that they have a ready reference.