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NBRC Hosts Critical Care Therapists

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March 26, 2010

by Jill C. Saye, BS, RRT

In December, the NBRC put out a request for volunteers to write items for a new credentialing program for therapists who specialize in the critical care of adult patients. More than 180 people volunteered, showing a tremendous interest in the program. Given the strong response, each volunteer was asked to complete a survey to define his or her professional experience.


Based on responses to this survey, 35 therapists from around the country were selected to attend the face-to-face workshop on January 23 and 24, 2010 for the new NBRC Adult Critical Care program. Many highly qualified persons were included in the group of willing volunteers making the decision difficult. Those who worked in clinical settings on the front lines of patient care in institutions with a lot of intensive care beds were given priority in the selection decision. Other factors included experience level, highest level of academic degree and memberships in the AARC and SCCM. Those not selected for the face-to-face workshop were invited to a web conference training session held on January 24. About 50 people, including members of the newly formed examination committee participated in web conference training.

Armed with books, laptops and years of knowledge, thirty-five volunteers from multiple states across the country came together in Olathe, Kansas to participate in what I can only call an experience of a lifetime. Visiting the NBRC, meeting the people who plan and write our exams and being a part of what I consider to be a ground-breaking program was one of the highest honors I’ve received in my professional career. In addition to learning so much, the fellowship among this group of therapists who have never met one another demonstrated to me the commitment to growth we all have to our profession. We all had a similar learning experience on this trip – how to have a great weekend while contributing to the greatest profession in healthcare.