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2010: Year of the Lung

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AARC is among many pulmonary organizations joining in a year-long focus on the lung. 

Named Year of the Lung, the movement will unite partners from across the globe in their mission: to educate and promote lung care initiatives. Throughout the year, AARC will keep a focus on our key messages about the lung and the respiratory therapist.

The Impact of Lung Disease:
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute,
Morbidity & Mortality: 2009 Chart Book on Cardiovascular, Lung, and Blood Diseases

Deaths from lung disease
by % (2006)
2.1%Neonatal Pulmonary Disorders
8%External Agents
25%Influenza and Pneumonia

Total lung disease mortality is 1/3 higher in men than women, slightly higher in black men than white, and lower in black women than white.

We want to transform the way people think about and treat their lungs. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer from treatable and preventable acute and chronic respiratory diseases. More knowledge about lung health will help.

We want increased action and awareness on lung health. Tobacco and air quality legislation is essential. Better funding for research and development is needed. Policymakers and research funders should take note of the huge strides that can be made with more attention focused on lung initiatives.

Respiratory therapists help lung patients live a better life. We want people to know that respiratory therapists are their important link to improved lung health. Whether in acute situations, diagnosis, or care for chronic conditions, respiratory therapists make amazing differences in the quality of life for many patients.

Stayed tuned to the AARC for more information as the year progresses.

Fast Facts

2006—Total lung disease
3,376,000 hospitalizations
5.3 days length of stay
35,323,000 physician office visits
225,028 deaths

2006 (COPD Total)
670,000 hospitalizations
4.4 days length of stay
16,343,000 physician office visits 
120,970 deaths

Chronic Bronchitis
537,000 hospitalizations
4.6 days length of stay
9,856,000 physician office visits 
740 deaths

19,000 hospitalizations
4.4 days length of stay
324,000 physician office visits 
12,551 deaths

9,000 hospitalizations
6.2 days length of stay
82,000 physician office visits 
973 deaths

444,000 hospitalizations
3.2 days length of stay
10, 590,000 physician office visits 
3,365 deaths

Cystic Fibrosis
11,000 hospitalizations
9.5 days length of stay
6,000 physician office visits 
438 deaths

Influenza and Pneumonia
1,270,000 hospitalizations
5.0 days length of stay
4,030,000 physician office visits 
56,326 deaths

Acute Bronchitis
217,000 hospitalizations
3.2 days length of stay
2,959,000 physician office visits 
137 deaths

Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome
7,000 hospitalizations
10.3 days length of stay
1,609 deaths

Interstitial Lung Disease (Total)
356,000 hospitalizations
8.8 days length of stay
1,309,000 physician office visits 
5,849 deaths

8,000 hospitalizations
6.4 days length of stay
435,000 physician office visits 
931 deaths

Respiratory Tuberculosis
8,000 hospitalizations
7.0 days length of stay
49,000 physician office visits 
731 deaths

Respiratory Failure
340,000 hospitalizations
8.9 days length of stay
663,000 physician office visits 
3,769 deaths

Cardiopulmonary Diseases (Total)
160,000 hospitalizations
5.7 days length of stay
264,000 physician office visits 
12,317 deaths

Pulmonary Embolism
145,000 hospitalizations
5.6 days length of stay
128,000 physician office visits 
6,924 deaths

Neonatal Pulmonary Disorders (Total)
61,000 hospitalizations
15.5 days length of stay
4,645 deaths

Respiratory Distress Syndrome
19,000 hospitalizations
29.1 days length of stay
825 deaths

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
2,323 deaths