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AARC Home Care Section: A Positive Place to Address the Negatives in the Industry

November 16, 2009

The AARC Home Care Specialty Section is the only group that speaks for the professional RT working in the home care venue.—Joan Kohorst, MA, RRT, Senior Consultant, Clinical Data Analyst, Global Customer Support, Infusion Technologies, CareFusion; Section Member Since 2000

Key to being a member of the AARC’s Home Care Section is the ability to have a quick link to the home care issues of the day and an outlet to discuss, vet, and act on viable solutions. The access to the section resources not only benefits me as a clinician, but also benefits my employer as we navigate global and everyday challenges.—Nicholas J. Macmillan, Home Care Segment Manager, Vapotherm, Inc., Stevensville, MD, Section Member Since 1999

The Home Care Section provides me with the latest information on topics that affect the home care RT, along with a venue for direct input into activities that shape our future.—Greg Spratt BS, RRT, CPFT. Director of Clinical Marketing, Oridion Capnography Inc., Section Member Since 1999

A patient’s home is by far the preferred site of care and is both cost effective and clinically relevant. Despite the ongoing reimbursement and governmental challenges, home respiratory therapists now, more than ever, need to take an active role in their futures. The AARC, along with its Home Care Section, is one of the few organizations fighting on behalf of the home respiratory therapist and the patients they serve.—Joseph Lewarski, BS, RRT, FAARC, Vice President, Respiratory Group, Invacare Corporation, Elyria, OH, Section Member Since 2000

The AARC Home Care Section represents an opportunity to look at our roles as RTs from the clinical point of view. What is the best for the patient? What is the current science and how can I apply it to the patients I care for? There is no other forum like the Home Care Section available to practicing home care RTs.—Tim Buckley, RRT, FAARC, Section Member Since 2000

If you are looking for a place where you can network with your peers, where you can learn about home care and be mentored by experts, where you can be an active advocate for home care and grasp the importance that government relations plays in your profession, then the AARC Home Care Section is the place for you. And if you want to guarantee that the AARC represents you in all areas of respiratory care, then join the Home Care Section and keep our BOD seat filled.—Jacquelyn McClure, BS, RRT, FAARC, McClure Connection, Melbourne Beach, FL, Section Member Since 1999

Having a vibrant and highly visible AARC Home Care Specialty Section is the only way we can ensure home care therapists will eventually have the resources needed to keep COPD patients out of the hospital and at home where they belong. As health care reform efforts intensify, it is vital that the AARC’s Home Care Specialty Section remains ever-vigilant if we are to maximize our capabilities under the new emerging care delivery paradigm.—Patrick Dunne, MEd, RRT, FAARC, HealthCare Productions, Inc., Fullerton, CA, Section Member Since 1999

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If you’re working in home care, we don’t have to tell you how tough it’s been for your specialty over the past few years. Oxygen cuts, competitive bidding, and other challenges have forced many people out of the business entirely, and those who are left are struggling to survive.

One thing is certain: you can’t battle the negatives alone. It’s going to take a group effort, and the best group out there for RTs is the AARC’s Home Care Section.

“Those of us still working in home care simply have to band together to ensure our chronic lung patients continue to receive the services they need to stay at home and out of the hospital,” says Section Chair Bob McCoy. “The AARC sponsors a Quality Respiratory Care Recognition program for home care providers, but the Home Care Section is our place to share information and ideas about how to meet some of our most vexing problems head on.”

Take a look at what comes with membership:

  • A web site just for members, with resources everyone can use to deal with the issues facing the industry.
  • A quarterly Bulletin with articles written by section members, for section members.
  • Monthly eNews newsletters with the latest research and news pertaining specifically to respiratory home care.
  • An acuity protocol to assist you with your patient assessments.
  • A dedicated e-mail list where members can share information, ask questions, and receive answers all in real time—a BEST BENEFIT of membership for anyone who wants to tap into the expertise of colleagues around the country.

Right now, the section also has a seat on the AARC Board of Directors, thanks to the 1,000 person membership it had last fall. In order to keep that seat—and the valuable opportunity to report industry concerns directly to the leadership of the AARC at their biannual meetings—the section must immediately recruit another 40 members to ensure it remains at the 1,000 member level in 2010.

So if you are a home care therapist—or even if you are working in the hospital or other setting, but want to support your chronic lung patients as they head back into their homes—come join the dedicated members of the Home Care Section.

“Home care is the ultimate goal for all of our chronic respiratory patients,” says McCoy. “Whether you are a home care RT or a therapist who just wants the best for his or her patients when they do go home, the Home Care Section has the resources you need to accomplish that goal.”

You can add section membership to your AARC membership package any time of the year. Go to section sign-up now to join.