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AARC Voting Begins October 6

October 6, 2009

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Active and Life Members of the American Association for Respiratory Care are eligible to vote for candidates running for 2010 AARC Offices. Members will be electing a President-elect and one at large Board member.

Also four Specialty Sections—Sleep, Transport, Neonatal-Pediatrics, and Continuing Care-Rehab—are holding elections.

Voting will occur online and you will not receive a paper ballot. If, however, you do not want to or cannot vote online, you can request that a paper ballot be mailed to you by calling the election liaison at our office at 972-243-2272.

This voting site will be open through November 5. Results will be announced in late November. You will need your AARC Member ID in order to vote

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I log in?
You will use your last name and Member ID to log in to the system.
What if I begin filling out my ballot and am called away?
You may return to the ballot later to finish filling it out. Your vote is not registered until you click the VOTE button at the end.
What if I make a mistake in filling out the ballot?
There is a final review step, but once you hit VOTE your choices are registered and cannot be changed.
How do I remember who I voted for?
You will receive a confirmation after hitting VOTE which you can print and keep.
Can I vote more than once?
No, once your vote is registered, your name and ID become ineligible to cast further ballots.
Where do I vote for my Specialty Section chair-elect?
There is a separate link for each specialty section. If you are an Active or Life member in a Specialty Section, a link to that section’s ballot will appear on your “Home” tab. After voting on one ballot, you can click on the Home tab to return to page one and choose your next ballot. Remember only four sections are holding elections.
Where can I find out more information about these candidates?
You can access more information by clicking an icon next to their name on the ballot or visit the Candidate Information page now on the AARC site.
I am a new member and cannot vote. Why?
The eligible voter list was prepared on September 28, 2009. If you joined after that time you will not be in the list of eligible voters. You will get to vote next year.