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New Online Book Describes PAP Adherence Techniques

September 30, 2009

A Clinician’s Guide to PAP Adherence

  • Free to members
  • 4 CRCE credits
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Patient compliance with prescribed treatments and medications is always a concern, but with sleep patients undergoing PAP therapy, it’s an even more difficult problem to overcome. It’s been shown that up to 50% of patients do not adhere to their therapy after one year.

As a respiratory therapist you can help. And the AARC is here to help you with “A Clinician’s Guide to PAP Adherence.” This new guide published by the AARC trains clinicians how to communicate with sleep patients, identify reasons why adherence is poor, and intercede with interventions that may improve compliance.

Not only will the information benefit you and your patients, but continuing education credits are also available. The information is free and available through a download feature. You can read it online or print it out for your convenience. Should you wish to earn the CRCE credits, AARC members pay nothing to access a test validating your knowledge of the material. The CRCE credits will appear on your transcript, plus you have the ability to print out a certificate. (Non-members pay a nominal fee of $15 to access the same test.)

Tom Kallstrom, AARC COO, explains that “as respiratory therapists we are in a position to educate patients and their family on the importance of using the PAP device. We can make a huge difference in the life of a patient through communication and help to work in improving their use of the device.”

The authors are all well-known in the respiratory sleep community and include:

  • Karen Y. Allen, CRT, RPSGT
  • Suzanne Bollig, BHS, RRT, RPSGT, R.EEGT
  • Paul A. Selecky, MD, FAARC
  • Thomas Smalling, PhD, RRT, RPFT, RPSGT, FAARC