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Second Five Spring Bulletins Online Now

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May 7, 2009

Members of the Long Term Care, Management, Neonatal-Pediatrics, Sleep, and Surface & Air Transport Sections can read the Spring issues of their Bulletins online now.

Click on the following links to access these great publications –

Long Term Care: This issue includes a great overview of an international conference on home mechanical ventilation, plus a story about one patient who attended the event and how he inspired everyone he met. We also have an overview of the AARC’s 2015 and Beyond project and what it means for RTs working in the long term care setting.

Management: Lots of timely info here: why the economic downturn may be a good thing for the profession, how to empower students doing clinical rotations at your hospital, and balancing life and work.

Neonatal-Pediatrics: Clinical articles provide interesting insights into volume-targeted ventilation in premature infants and congenital hepatic arteriovenous malformation.

Sleep: National Sleep Week activities take center stage here, and we also have a great article on sleep and summer vacations you can share with your patients – and even use to ensure a smooth trip for your own family.

Surface & Air Transport: Section activities, the upcoming AMTC conference, a program that flies patients around the world, state licensing reciprocity for transport therapists, San Antonio and what it has to offer the 2009 AARC International Respiratory Congress, and new government recommendations on keeping kids safe during a public health emergency are all included here.

If you belong to one or more of these sections, start reading now. If not, go to the section sign up page and start enjoying the benefits of section membership today.

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