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First Five Spring Section Bulletins Online Now

April 27, 2009

The Adult Acute Care, Continuing Care & Rehabilitation, Diagnostics, Education, and Home Care Sections have just published the Spring issues of their Bulletins.

Here are your direct links to these informative publications:

Adult Acute Care: Section Chair Mike Hewitt explains why he believes the current economic crisis is creating opportunities for respiratory therapists and we also launch the first of a four part series on carbon monoxide poisoning that will bring everyone up-to-date on this deadly gas and how its victims are treated.

Continuing Care/Rehabilitation: Section Chair Debbie Koehl offers a wealth of information on everything from the upcoming National Coverage Determination to new ways section members can get involved with the COPD Foundation.

Diagnostics: An article on two new methods to improve the diagnosis of lung disease joins a column by Section Chair Melynn Wakeman on how the pulmonary function lab can be the perfect place to take advantage of the “teachable moment.”

Education: Educators will find plenty to keep them reading in this issue, including a look at how to teach students to assess the medical evidence, an article on using simulation to train neo-peds RTs, and a story on the value of a shared lab experience between RT and interventional cardiology students. Section Chair Lynda T. Goodfellow urges section members to volunteer for an important editorial position in her Notes column as well, and we have a student’s take on ethical dilemmas in her neo-peds rotation.

Home Care: Current political and economic developments and how they are impacting the future of home care take center stage here, in an interview with leaders in the industry and a column on what it will take to move home respiratory care forward.

The remaining five Specialty Section Bulletins—Long Term Care, Management, Neonatal-Pediatrics, Sleep, and Surface & Air Transport—will publish their Spring editions next month.

If you’d like to read one or more of these informative publications but are not yet a member of the Specialty Section in question, go to section sign up and add section membership to your overall membership package. For a look at the benefits these sections have to offer, visit our Specialty Section web page.