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Broaden Your Horizons by Hosting an International Fellow in 2009

February 6, 2009

Every year, the AARC offers International Fellowships to health care professionals from abroad, enabling them to travel to the U.S. and visit medical facilities in two cities before attending the AARC International Respiratory Congress.

But the program can’t happen without the active participation of city coordinators in cities across the country who step up to organize meaningful experiences for the Fellows who travel to our country to learn more about the way we provide respiratory care.

Here are the basic job responsibilities:

  • Communicate with the Fellow prior to his/her visit to ensure a smooth trip, including arranging for airport pickup and delivery and hotel accommodations.
  • Develop an itinerary of facility visits and other activities for the Fellow to follow during the trip.
  • Coordinate all activities at the various sites, including transportation.

The AARC’s International Respiratory Care Committee works closely with the city coordinators to ensure these objectives are met.

Hosting an International Fellow is a great way to broaden the horizons of everyone in your respiratory care community. If you’re interested in serving as a city coordinator for 2009, read more about it and then apply today. Applications are due June 1.