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2013 Program Guide

  • Medicated Aerosol Therapy - New Drugs and Devices

    This presentation will review the newer drugs delivered by inhalation, the devices specifically developed to deliver them, and the appropriate inhalation techniques for effective dose delivery. Educational materials for healthcare providers and patients focusing on medicated aerosol delivery will also be discussed.

    Professor: Douglas S. Gardenhire, EdD, RRT-NPS
    Moderator: Tom Kallstrom, MBA, RRT, FAARC

  • Humidification During Mechanical Ventilation - A Review of the Literature

    This presentation examines the options for airway humidification in patients with artificial airways requiring invasive mechanical ventilation across all venues of care and during prolonged transport. Humidification during non-invasive ventilation will also be reviewed. Indications, contraindications, hazards/complications, monitoring, infection control and other relevant topics will be discussed.

    Professor: Richard D. Branson, MSc, RRT
    Moderator: Douglas Laher, MBA, RRT

  • Caring for Patients with Chronic Critical Illness

    This presentation will focus on the topics related to chronic critical illness. Pathophysiology, aspects of long-term ventilation in both healthcare facilities and home will be discussed as well as metabolic and nutritional support. Implications of compromised immune status, integration of palliative care into chronic critical illness, and other relevant issues will be highlighted.

    Professor: Shannon Carson, MD
    Moderator: Neil MacIntyre, MD, FAARC

  • Cystic Fibrosis - A 21st Century Perspective

    This presentation will provide a current update on cystic fibrosis, which is no longer found exclusively in children and now predominates in adults. The drugs and therapeutics that have produced advances in the treatment of this disease will be presented. The importance of patient education and role of self- management in achieving the best quality of life will also be discussed.

    Professor: Elliot Dasenbrook, MD, MHS
    Moderator: Timothy R. Myers, MBA, RRT-NPS

  • Optimizing Patient-Ventilator Synchrony

    This presentation will examine the issues associated with patient-ventilator synchrony including ventilator performance, patient characteristics, the patient-ventilator interface, and modes of ventilation. Additionally, evidence supporting the perception that ventilator asynchrony is associated with poor patient outcomes will be reviewed.

    Professor: Robert Kacmarek, PhD RRT FAARC
    Moderator: Tom Kallstrom, MBA RRT FAARC

  • Airway Clearance

    This presentation will review current chest percussion technology, the literature regarding the effectiveness of chest percussion and postural drainage, and drugs that assist in the mobilization of secretions. The role of hydration in improving secretion mobilization, indications for and effectiveness of suctioning, and other related topics will be discussed.

    Professor: Timothy R. Myers, MBA RRT-NPS
    Moderator: Richard Branson,MSc RRT

  • VAP to VAE Implications for the Respiratory Therapist

    Because there is no reliable definition for ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), the CDC convened a multidisciplinary group to develop a new surveillance definition. The result is a tiered approach that focuses on ventilator-associated events (VAE). A ventilator-associated condition (VAC) is defined as worsening oxygenation after a period of stability or improvement on the ventilator. An infection-related ventilator-associated complication (IVAC) is associated with measures of body temperature, or white blood cell count, and initiation of a new antimicrobial agent. Assessment of respiratory secretions informs the definition of possible or probable VAP. The VAE definitions will detect a wide variety of complications in patients on mechanical ventilation. VAE surveillance will require close working relationships among respiratory therapists and infection prevention personnel. VAE prevention presents many opportunities for respiratory therapists. These include use of noninvasive ventilation, implementation of lung-protective ventilation strategies, ventilator discontinuation protocols, and VAP prevention strategies.

    Professor: Dean Hess, PhD RRT FAARC
    Moderator: Kathleen Deakins, MHA RRT-NPS FAARC

  • Oxygen Therapy in the Hospital

    Oxygen therapy is often taken for granted in the 21st century. This presentation will examine all aspects on the delivery of oxygen to hospitalized patients. It will investigate new technologies, delivery systems, monitoring, titration, checklist utilization to promote and patient safety during transports will also be highlighted. Finally, considerations in transitioning patients from the hospital to other venues and an overview of diagnostic tests related to prescribing and evaluating oxygen therapy will be discussed.

    Professor: Keith Lamb, RRT
    Moderator: Dean Hess, PhD RRT FAARC

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