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2012 Program Guide

  • The Mandate to Reduce Hospital Readmissions—How Respiratory Therapists Can Help

    This presentation will review the financial impact of readmissions from COPD, CHF and pneumonia, and explain the forces driving the increasing focus on reducing readmissions. Specific actions that can be taken by respiratory therapists to improve quality, reduce readmissions, and control costs will be discussed.

    Professor: John R. Walton, MBA RRT FAARC
    Moderator: Sam Giordano, MBA RRT FAARC

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  • Medical-Legal Implications of the Changing Healthcare System for Respiratory Therapists

    With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, new medical-legal issues will emerge and present challenges for healthcare administrators and respiratory therapists. This presentation will review these issues and provide advice to address them.

    Professor: Anthony L DeWitt, JD RRT FAARC
    Moderator: Doug Laher, MBA RRT

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  • Reducing Cost While Adding Value—Critical Roles for Respiratory Therapists

    The focus of this presentation is on reducing the total cost of care while insuring safety and quality in delivering respiratory services. Strategies presented include reducing misallocation in inpatients through the application of CPGs, use of protocols, and application of tools to efficiently manage personnel. Emerging performance and risk-based reimbursement programs including the preventable admissions of respiratory patients, effective discharge of patients with chronic pulmonary disease and health promotion provide new opportunities for RTs to play a valued role in reducing the cost of inpatient care.

    Professor: Rick Ford, BS RRT FAARC
    Moderator: Doug Laher, MBA RRT

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  • Managing the Chronically Ill Pediatric Respiratory Patient

    This presentation will focus on management of chronic pediatric respiratory diseases including cystic fibrosis, asthma, neuromuscular, and long-term ventilator-dependent patients in acute care, pulmonary clinics and the home. Best practices supporting delivery of respiratory services to these patients, and the skills and knowledge required of RTs to achieve the best outcomes, will be discussed.

    Professor: Bruce K Rubin, MD MEngr MBA FAARC
    Moderator: Timothy R. Myers, MBA RRT-NPS

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  • Educating Patients with Chronic Respiratory Disease—RTs Make the Difference

    This presentation will identify how RTs can effectively provide educational interventions while providing therapy or conducting diagnostic testing for patients that have asthma, cystic fibrosis or COPD in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. The focus of these teachable moments is to enhance quality of life, assess the efficacy of treatments, and minimize the frequency of exacerbations or daily morbidity.

    Professor: Timothy R. Myers, MBA RRT-NPS
    Moderator: Tom Kallstrom, MBA RRT FAARC

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  • Palliative and End-of-Life Care: What Respiratory Therapists Need to Know

    This presentation will provide an overview of palliative and end-of-life care for two patient populations: patients with chronic respiratory disease and patients with acute respiratory failure and critical illness. Areas of knowledge and skill needed by the respiratory therapists in caring for these patients and identifying key palliative care resources within the workplace and community will be covered.

    Professor: J.Randall Curtis, MD MPH
    Moderator: Dean Hess, PhD RRT FAARC

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  • Get ’Em Movin’—Early Mobility for Ventilator-Dependent Patients

    This presentation will review a growing body of evidence that mobility of ventilator-dependent patients in ICUs leads to quicker liberation from mechanical ventilation. Strategies for developing an effective mobility interdisciplinary team and a review of the technology involved will be discussed.

    Professor: Eddy Fan, MD FRCPC
    Moderator: Dean Hess, PhD RRT FAARC

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  • Improving Patient Safety—How Respiratory Therapists Can Contribute

    This presentation will review the history of the current focus on patient safety, cite examples of positive economic and clinical outcomes resulting from patient safety initiatives and discuss how respiratory therapists can become change agents to improve overall patient safety in their workplace.

    Professor: Karen Frush, MD
    Moderator: Ira Cheifetz, MD

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  • Bonus
    Effectively Treating Tobacco Dependence: We Can Move the Mountain

    New and effective treatments for tobacco dependence exist and respiratory therapists are in an unequaled position to deliver these treatments. Current findings have documented that these new treatments can assist both smokers willing to make a quit attempt now and those not yet ready to quit but willing to reduce their smoking. RTs are already on the front line dealing with outcomes of tobacco dependence. New tobacco dependence treatments position them to now assume the key role of preventing these adverse pulmonary and other outcomes from tobacco use.

    Professor: Michael Fiore, MD MPH MBA
    Moderator: Sam Giordano, MBA RRT FAARC

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