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2011 Program Guide

  • Management of the COPD Patient with Comorbidities

    This presentation will review best practices in managing COPD patients with an emphasis on management of co-morbid conditions that frequently afflict with these patients. Treatment strategies to maximize their care will be discussed.

    Professor: Robert A. Sandhaus, MD PhD FCCP
    Moderator: Tom Kallstrom, MBA RRT FAARC

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  • Sleep and Sleep-Disordered Breathing in the Hospitalized Patient

    This presentation will review a variety of sleep disordered breathing topics including the consequences of sleep deprivation and disruption in the hospital, the role of sleep and its impact on liberation from the ventilator, and post-operative management of the OSA patient. Sleep intervention protocols, and other sleep-related topics of the hospitalized patient will be discussed.

    Professor: Peter C. Gay, MD
    Moderator: Suzanne Bollig, BHS RRT RPSGT R. EEG T

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  • Minimizing VAP in 2011—How Respiratory Therapists Can Contribute

    This presentation will describe the best practices for reducing ventilator-associated pneumonia and describe key roles respiratory therapists can play in institutional efforts to reduce VAP.

    Professor: Marcos I. Restrepo, MD
    Moderator: Tom Kallstrom, MBA RRT FAARC

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  • The Role of Safety Checklists in Healthcare: Bother or Necessity?

    This presentation will review the history of the use of checklists and other standardized procedures to improve outcomes in various industries and discuss how they are being adopted for use in healthcare to reduce errors and improve patient safety.

    Professor: Timothy McDonald, MD JD
    Moderator: Sam Giordano, MBA RRT FAARC

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  • Noninvasive Ventilation of Neonatal-Pediatric Patients: Do We Really Want to Intubate?

    This presentation will identify clinical circumstances that favor the use of NIV to support ventilation and explore the evidence supporting the use of non-invasive ventilation in neonatal and pediatric patients.

    Co-Professor: Rob DiBlasi, RRT-NPS FAARC
    Co-Professor: Ira Cheifetz, MD FAARC
    Moderator: Tom Kallstrom, MBA RRT FAARC

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  • Tracheostomy: Current Practice

    This presentation will review the literature addressing the indications and proper technique for tracheal cannulation, tracheal airway devices, stoma care, as well as changing and decannulation practices. A review of current tracheostomy controversies will be included.

    Professor: Alexander White, MD
    Moderator: Dean Hess, PhD RRT FAARC

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  • Four Evidence-Based Practices That Should Be Mechanical Ventilation Standards

    This presentation will review the evidence supporting noninvasive ventilation, lung-protective ventilation, ventilator liberation protocols, and ventilator-associated pneumonia prevention.

    Professor: Dean Hess, PhD RRT FAARC
    Moderator: Rich Branson, MS RRT FAARC FCCM

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  • The Many Faces of PEEP

    This discussion will focus on the application of PEEP not only in the context of ALI/ARDS but also in other applications such as of PEEP for alveolar recruitment (ARDS), counterbalancing auto-PEEP, prevention of micro-aspiration, and facilitating speech.

    Professor: Rich Branson, MS RRT FAARC FCCM
    Moderator: Dean Hess, PhD RRT FAARC

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Just Announced

The AARC Professor’s Rounds 2012 series will be focused on the role of the Respiratory Therapist in patient safety and education. Topics will begin shipping in Spring 2012, a total of eight lectures plus a bonus Tobacco Cessation program from Michael C. Fiore MD MPH MBA.

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