American Association for Respiratory Care

AARC Summer Forum Testimonials

AARC Education Section Members

“I enjoy attending the AARC Summer Forum because it provides an opportunity to come away with great ideas and strategies for teaching as well as improving learning outcomes. I've picked up some good tools to help manage the administrative tasks of program directing. I always come away feeling energized and enthusiastic to starting planning for the next academic year.”

—Nancy Colletti PhD, RRT, CPFT

“I have been attending Summer Forums on a regular basis for about 10 years now. This meeting offers high quality presentations in a smaller, more relaxed setting. The topics in the Educator Track are timely and it is always interesting to hear the opinions and experiences of other educators across the country.”

—Doug Pursley MEd, RRT

“Summer Forum is a valuable tool for me as a new educator. The session topics are always relevant and I'm able to bring the information home and implement it in my classroom. Summer forum also gives me the opportunity to network with other educators to discuss developing trends in the world of Respiratory Care.”

—Sherry Whiteman BHS, RRT

“Summer Forum is my favorite meeting and one I haven't missed one in over 25 years! I enjoy attending with people from my own program because we are always looking for innovative ideas that can be incorporated into our program back home. I get re-energized spending time with educators from other places in the country who have similar challenges and share a similar vision for the future of our profession.”

—Erna Boone Med, RRT, FAARC

“For me, Summer Forum has repeatedly proven to provide resources to enrich my curriculum and keep me abreast of changes within the Respiratory profession.”

—Diane Oldfather, MHEd, RRT

AARC Management Section Members

“I found the management topics at the 2012 Summer Forum to be timely and highly insightful regarding the challenges and opportunities our profession faces under health care reform.”

—Patrick J. Dunne

“I was really interested in hearing about the Practical Process Improvement ‘tools you can use’ that were being presented during the Summer Forum. Tools such as the Fishbone diagram and control charts were already part of my practice but being given the tools to take a project from start to was invaluable to me as a manager.”

—Mary Hart RRT, AE-C, FAARC

“The AARC Summer Forum Management Session is a tremendous opportunity to network with colleagues, understand challenges in respiratory management, and gain insight to the vast changes in today’s healthcare delivery system. Through this insight and best-practice sharing, attendees can better articulate the value of an RT and the opportunities that health care changes bring to us.”

—Ed Coombs MA, RRT-NPS, ACCS

“This is the only meeting I know of that focuses on management and administration of the Respiratory Care Department. There are other conferences that are management focused, but the AARC provides an avenue that specifically is dedicated to Respiratory Care Managers.”

—Travis Houston, MHA, RRT

“I consider the 2012 Summer Forum a successful meeting because the speakers provided me with some solid, practical tips to help me to accomplish my departmental quality goals. As always, the opportunity to network with my peers in a relaxed, fun environment is priceless and helps to re-energize me and remind me of why I love this field.”

—Cheryl Hoerr, MBA, RRT, CPFT, FAARC

“Summer Forum is beneficial to me as a manager because it focuses on specific skills that enhance my ability to lead my staff forward to meet challenges ahead. The information from these meetings has helped advance my career and bring back information to my small rural hospital that has improved our service.”