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Over 100 presenters and over 200 sessions were recorded at AARC Congress 2012. They’re all right here in case you missed a session, couldn’t make it to New Orleans, or just want to refresh your memory.

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Session Presenter
Zip Line Leadership: Health Care Delivery Transformations Stan Holland
Year in Review: Sleep-Disordered Breathing Suzanne Bollig
Year in Review: Noninvasive Ventilation Dean Hess
Year in Review: Cystic Fibrosis Teresa Volsko
Year in Review: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Stephen Rennard
Year in Review: Asthma Timothy Myers
Year in Review: Invasive Mechanical Ventilation Ricahrd Kallet
Wrap Up - An Overview of Palliative Care Paul Selecky
Working Nights: Same Shift, Different Day Crintz Scott
Where Have We Come From, and Where Are We Going? Brian Walsh
When Things Go Wrong: What Would You Do? Angela King
What's New with Heliox? Robert Kacmarek
What's New in Pulmonary Rehabilitation?: The Updated (2012) ATS/ERS Guidelines Brian Carlin
What to Do When the People You Work With Drive You Crazy Mark Babic
What Tidal Volume Should Be Used? Richard Kallet
What Have We Learned From Our Patients? Nicholas Macmillan
What Happened to the "Sigh" in Mechanical Ventilation? Bhiken Naik
What Do You Want to Achieve? Needs Assessment and Setting Objectives Bill Galvin
What Are the Different Types of Research Projects in Which RTs Can Play a Vital Role? From Bench to Publication John Davies
Wake Up Before you Kill Someone! Karla Smith
Ventilator-Induced Surfactant Dysfunction Peter Papadakos
Venous Blood Gases: Friend or Foe? Andrew Miller
Using "Rule of Two"TM for Assessing Athma Control Mark Millard
Understanding the Basics of Impulse Oscillometry (IOS) Matthew O'Brien
Understanding Reimbursement Issues in Pulmonary Rehabilitation Anne Marie Hummel
Ultrasound for the Respiratory Care Practitioner Andrew Miller
Tidal Volume Determination for Neonatal Ventilation Sherry Courtney
Therapist as Consultant Teresa Volsko
The Vietnam, India, and Egypt Experience Robert DiBlasi
The Successful Hospital-to Home Transition: Risk Factors & Treatment Strategies Brian Carlin
The Scientific Basis for the Selection of an Aerosol Delivery Device Timothy Myers
The Scientific Basis for Protocol-Directed Respiratory Care James Stoller
The Scientific Basis for Post-Operative Respiratory Care Richard Branson
The Scientific Basis for Oxygen Therapy in the Hospitalized Patient Chris Blakeman
The Scientific Basis for Airway Clearance Techniques Teresa Volsko
The RT as Case Manager in the Home Setting: Connecting the Dots Kim Wiles
The Role of the "Middle Space" in Reducing 30-day Readmissions Gene Gantt
The Role of Ethical Decision-Making in Multifaceted Emergenices Shawna Strickland
The Program Credential (AASM, ACHC, TJC): Similarities and Differences Sheri Tooley
The Potential Use of Hyperpolarized Xenon MRI as an Imaging Tool for Ventilation John Davies
The Personal Credential (BRPT, NBRC, AMSM credentials): Similarities and Differences Brian Carlin
The Necessary Skills for Your Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program June Schulz
The Institutional Review Board - What Is It and How Does It Help Guide Research Robert Chatburn
The Human Lung Lab David Wheeler
The Difficult Pediatric Airway: Tricks of the Trade John Arnold
The Current State of the Journal Dean Hess
The China Experience Cynthia White
The Brazil Experience Edward Schneider
The Best 5 Research Papers Published in Respiratory Care in 2012 Ricahrd Branson
The Best 5 Case Reports Published in Respiratory Care in 2012 Dean Hess
The Berlin Definitation of ARDS William Hurford
The ABCs of Performing a Shunt Study Mary Jo Biebl-Yahnke
The "A" Team: How Do I Make the Roster? Garner Faulkner
Taking a Leadership Role in Patient Population Management Jon Carlson
Sustaining the Role of the RT in Sub-Acute Care Joseph Kretz
Surfing the Wave of the Silver Tsunami Helen Sorenson
Succession Planning: Preparing Your Staff to Replace You Jan Thalman
Structuring a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Debra Koehl
Staying Connected - The Challenge of Communication Jan Phillips-Clar
Standing on the Precipice: What Do You Need to Know? Gary Jeromin
So, What Have We Learned So Far? Greg Spratt Spratt
So Where Do We Cut the Fat Without Cutting Services? Richard Ford
Sleep Medicine: A Physician's Perspective Neale Lange
Sleep in Women: What Is Normal? Suzanne Bollig
Sleep Disorders in Women Paul Selecky
Sleep Disorders in Children Suzanne Bollig
Sleep Apnea in the Preoperative Setting; How to Develop an Effective Detection and Management Program Sheri Tooley
Sleep Apnea in the Bariatric Population Jessica Schweller
Sleep and Critical Care James O'Brien
Six-Minute Walk vs. Control Work Rate: Measuring COPD Outcomes Mark Millard
Should Cooling and CO2 Removal Be Included in the Treatment of Severe ARDS Peter Papadakos
Shared Governance, a Multidisciplinary Approach Regenia Stull
Sepsis and the Role of the RT Lesley Smith
Selling the Sizzle: How to Communicate the Value of Untraditional Roles to the C-Suite Mary Lou Guy
Seize the Opportunity: Teachable Moments for the COPD Patient During Hospitalization Byron Thomashow
Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea: An Expanded Role for Respriatory Therapists Andrew Mazzoli
Science and Evidence: Seperating Fact from Fiction Dean Hess
Safety in the Sleep Lab Crintz Scott
RT-Driven Discharge Planning for COPD Patients Gary Brown, Becky K Anderson
Routine Respiratory Care: Should It Be Done by the Respiratory Therapist? Garry Kauffman, Timothy R Myers
Roundtable: Questions for the Editors Dean Hess, Ricahrd D Branson
Respiratory's Role in the incident Command System Mark Babic
Respiratory Therapists and Mass Casualty Care: Getting Involved Lewis Rubinson
Respiratory Care Practitioners Working in Developing Countries Alan Roth
Resources to Assist Students in Preparing for Credentialing Success Bradley Leidich
Resistance Occlusion (ROCC): How Does this Method Compare to Other Techniques? David Kaminsky
Research with a Global Reach: PFT Research in Obscure Environments Lisa Trujillo
Research Is Not a Bad Word: Infustion of Research as a Standard in RT Training Georgianna Sergakis
Reporting of Adverse Events: Priority One! Thomas Lamphere
Reducing Readmissions with RT Interventions: A Decade of Success with COPD/Asthma RT Case Managers Joe Dwan
Reducing Perioperative Morbidity for the OSA Patient: Developing an Effective Management Program Brian Carliln
Reducing Chronic Lung Disease: Impact of Collaborative Quality Improvement Roger Soll
Pulmonary Rehab: What You Should Know About Caring for the Aged Patient Trina Limberg
Pulmonary Hypertension in the Pediatric Patient Jenni Raake
Pulmonary Hypertension in the Neonatal Patient Nancy Johnson
Proving the Value of RT Services: What Does the Evidence Say? Garry Kauffman
Providing Optimal Assessment and Training of the Elderly Patient in Pulmonary Rehabilitation Brian Carlin
Promoting Your Services From the Front Line: What to Say and Who to Tell! Garry Kauffman
Professor's Rounds: Critically Ill Children - What Do They Teach Us About Caring for All Patients? Charles Durbin Jr
Productivity and Benchmarking Bill Dubbs
Pro-Con: Clinical ladder - Does a Truly Professional Workforce Need It? Richard Ford, Brian K Walsh
Preparing and Training Respiratory Therapist for the Skills Required in Outpatient Management Mary Hart
Portable Sleep Studies Jessica Schweller
Policy and Procedure Formats That Improve Care and Empower RTs Jon Carlson
Planning Your Trip to the Moon: Pursuing Unique Opportunities Lisa Trujillo
Physiologic Benefits of Inhaled Carbon Monoxide Paul Nuccio
Permissive Hypoxemia: How Low Is Too Low? Ira Cheifetz
Permissive Hypercapnia: How High Is Too High? Brian Walsh
Performing a Needs Assessment for Your Institution Roberta Hales
Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies Nancy Johnson
Pediatric Patients Thomas Cahill
Pediatric Acute Lung Injury Peter Luckett
Palliative Care and Dyspnea: Management of the End-Stage COPD Patient Helen Sorenson
Oxygenation: A Moving Target per Diagnosis Lois Rowland
Oxygen: Summary of the Respiratory Care Journal Conference Neil MacIntyre
Oxygen Conseving Delivery Devices: What Have We Learned? Robert McCoy
Overview of Clinical Simulation Roberta Hales
Optimizng Outcomes for Lung Transplant Recipients Jeffrey Davis
Optimizing the Patient-Ventilator Interaction Robert Chatburn
Off-label Use of iNO: Clinical and Financial Implications Jenni Raake
Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Long-Term Health Consequences, Drowsiness Aside James O'Brien
Nutritional Support of the Critically Ill Mechanically Ventilated Patient Ulrich Schmidt
Noninvasive Monitoring of the Child in Respiratory Distress Cynthia White
Non-Accidental Trauma in Pedatrics Ami Brownlee
No Sleeping in the Break Room…Managing Fatigue in the Workplace Karla Smith
New Roles for RTs: Improving Quality and the Bottom Line Thomas Lamphere
Networking for Career Success Colleen Schabacker
Neonatal Ventilation Sherry Courtney
Neonatal Respiratory Care "The Africa Experience" Maneesh Batra
Neonatal Oxygenation: Hitting the Sweet Spot Nancy Johnson
Negative Pressure Pulmonary Edema: Etiology, Prevention and Treatment Mark Siobal
Moving New and Emerging Technology from Laboratory to Bedside: The Use of Therapeutic Intrathoracic Pressure Regulation (TIPR) for the Apneic Hypotensive Patient Richard Branson
Methods of Incorporating Critical Thinking in Your Curriculum David Shelledy
Mechanisms to Reduce Healthcare Disparities Crystal Dunlevy
Mass Casualty Burn Care Keith Lamb
Mannitol Challenge Testing: What's New and Lessons Learned Ellen Moran
Managing the "Pediatric Adult" Patient Joel Brown
Making the Most of Change: A Survivial Guide for Beside RCPs Dana Evans
Making It Happen: Training Strategies for Ensuring Competency Ronda Bradley
Long-term Outcomes: The Real Story Jonathan Fanaroff
Lessons Learned from Normal Breathing at Rest and During Exercise Bhiken Naik
Leading Without a Title Scott Reistad
Keynote Address John Nance
Keeping Your PR Program Vital - Building Your Business Trina Limberg
Keeping It Simple: Challenges in Teaching Newer LTOT Technology to Patients Louis Kaufman
It's Never Really Over: Continuing Your Education Lynda Goodfellow
Is Your Department Ready? Challenges in the Face of Mass Casualty Ventialtor Deployment Kathy Moss
Is Overlapping Asthma and COPD an Orphan Disease? David Mannino
Interstate Licensure: What You Need to Know Before You Cross the Line Alex Brendel
Interdisciplinary Collaboration - Needed Now More Than Ever! Cheryl Hoerr
iNO Delivery During NIV: Is What You Set What You Get? Robert DiBlasi
iNO and Premature Infants: A Critical Appraisal John Salyer
Inhaled Volatile Anesthetics John Arnold
Inhaled Pulmonary Vasodilators: Adult Applications Robert Kacmarek
Indications for Noninvasive Ventilation Peter Luckett
Improving Surveillance for Ventilator-Associated Events in Adults Shelley Magill
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis - Pathophysiology and Treatment Chris Garvey
Hyperbaric Medicine: Physiology and Clinical Application Clifford Boehm
How to Evaluate Students in the Classroom - an Accreditor's Perspective Pat Munzer
How to Come Up with a Good Research Question and What to Do with It John Davies
How to "Manage Up" Regenia Stull
How is PEEP Selected for Patients with ALI/ARDS? Richard Branson
How Did I Get Here? Garner Faulkner
How a Respiratory Therapist Can Drive Health Systems Change and Improve Quality Dawn Aberle
Healthcare Disparities Crystal Dunlevy
Health Literacy Georgianna Sergakis
Have New Noninvasive Modalities Reduced the Incidence of BPD? Jonathan Fanaroff
Growing Your Leadership Skills Scott Reistad
Getting Credentialed (Part II): Success on the Written Exams Bill Galvin
Getting Credentialed (Part I): An Overview of Professional Credentials Bill Galvin
Getting Active in Advocacy and Research John Walsh
Gas Exchange Targets During Mechanical Ventilation Neil MacIntyre
From Referral to Arrival…Behind the Scenes of a Transport Call Tabatha Dragonberry
Fireproof Leadership through Stewardship and Accountability Stan Holland
Finding a Way in Spite of the Obstacles Robert McCoy
Explosion/Blast Injuries: Mechanisms & Treatment Joe Hylton
Exhaled Nitric Oxide in Pediatric Asthma: Friend or Fallacy Bruce Rubin
Exercising the Patient with Pulmonary Hypertension June Schulz
Exercising the Patient with Pulmonary Fibrosis Debra Koehl
Exercising the Patient with COPD Debra Koehl
Evidence-Based Medicine: Applying Evidence to Your Practice Roger Soll
Esophogeal Pressure Monitoring Carl Hinkson
Ensuring Effective Operations Camden McLaughlin
Educating the COPD Patient at Home: What Works, What Doesn't and Why Louis Kaufman
Educating Patients and Families About End-of-Life Care: Who, When and How Robert Aranson
ECMO: Not Just for Kids Anymore! Neil MacIntyre
Early Warning Signs in Pediatric Transport Ami Brownlee
Early Mobility in the ICU Carl Hinkson
Does Your Ventilatory Strategy Affect the Heart? George Ofori-Amanfo
Does the Benefit Outweigh the Risk? Thomas Cahill
Do Full Feature Ventilators Add Value? Neil MacIntyre, Dean R Hess
Did You Achieve Your Goal? Outcomes Assessment Sarah Varekojis
Diagnosis and Management of Pulmonary Arterial hypertension (PAH) Avery McKee
Diagnosing BPD in 2012: Anything New? Kathleen Deakins
Developing Your Skills as a Patient Educator Bill Galvin
Developing Standards of Care in an Era of Incentives and Penalties Dan Easley
Developing Relationships with Respiratory Therapists - The Medical Director Perspective Neil MacIntyre
Developing Relationships with Physicians - The RT Perspective Jan Thalman
Deployment as Part of an NDMS DMAT Alan Roth
Delivering the Goods: Teaching Techniques Shawna Strickland
Data Management for the RT Manager Ricahrd Ford
Current State of Severe Asthma Bruce Rubin
Current Practices in Severe Exercise-Induced Hypoxemia and Devices Used for Management Mary Hart
Crossing into the Pediatric World: Treating BPD from a Pediatric Perspective Kathleen Deakins
Critical Issues in the Transport of Critically Ill Patients Steven Sittig
Critical Care in Disaster Response Lewis Rubinson
Creating the Business Plan Frank Salvatore
Creating a Culture of Accountability Cheryl Hoerr
Could This be Vocal Cord Dysfunction? Carl Mottram
Cost Containment in the Changing Healthcare Environment - Are You Focused on the Right Things? Cheryl Hoerr
Controlling Nosocomial Infections in the Post-Acute Care Setting Eric Anderson
Competency-Based Standards for Sleep Disorders Specialist Education Thomas Smalling
Competency-based Standards for Respiratory Care Education Thomas Smalling
Competency Assessment for Sleep Personnel Sheri Tooley
Coaching for Improved Work Performance Scott Reistad
Closed-loop LTOT: A New Era or a Passing Fad? Stefano Nava
Circulatory Support: Not Just for Adults Anymore! George Ofori-Amanfo
Chronic Sleep Deprivation: All in the Family Paul Selecky
Chronic Critical Illness Syndrome and the Long-Term Acute Care RT Ralph Orange
Challenges in Medical Transport: Ventilation Wade Scoles
Challenges in Medical Transport: Capnography Wade Scoles
Cardiovascular Consequences of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Amado X Freire
Breath Hydrogen Testing - Is This a Diagnostic Test Our Lab Should Offer? Matthew O'Brien
Becoming a Professional in Respiratory Care Toni Rodriguez
Be Seen, Not Overlooked: 10 Value-Added Ideas to Show Your Worth Suzan Herzig
Asthma: Current Evidence for Emergency Department Management Dana Evans
Assessment Exercise, Safety and Adjuncts to Care Chris Garvey
Assessing the Cause of Dyspnea in the Teenager: There's a Test for That Matthew O'Brien
Are We Ventilating People to Death? Dan Davis
Are We Harming Normal Lungs with Conventional Ventilator Settings? Charles Durbin Jr
Are New Ventilator Modes Lung Protective? Robert Kacmarek
Are Neuromuscular Blockers Helpful in ARDS? William Hurford
Alternatives to Inhaled Nitric Oxide Rory Mullin
Alternative NIV Modes: Ready for Primetime or Not? Brian Walsh
Alternative Airway Challenge Methods: Isocapnic Voluntary Hyperventilation and Cold Air Ralph Stumbo Jr
Alternative Aerosol Therapy Brian Walsh
Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency: Inherited But No Less Serious James Stoller
Allocating Resources through Creative Scheduling Jan Phillips-Clar
Airway Resistance Measurments Using Body Plethysmography - Gold Standard or Old Standard Gregg Ruppel
Airway Mechanics Michael Gentile
Airway Graphics Rory Mulling
Airway Clearance: Is It Worth the Effort? Kathleen Deakins
After "Fat Tuesday" Suzan Herzig
Advances in COPD Research James Crapo
Adult Patients Ronda Bradley
Adult Mechanical Ventilation in Acute Care: Summary of the Respiratory Care journal Conference Richard Kallet
Addressing End-of-Life Care in Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Mary Hart
Accreditation and Credentialing Pathways for Sleep Specialists Thomas Smalling
AARC Uniform Reporting Manual Bill Dubbs
A Unique Inside Look into the Life of a CF Patient: From the Patient and RRT Perspective Jeremy Parks
A Clinician's Guide to Individualizing the Ventilator Prescription David Wheeler
38th Donald F Egan Scientific Memorial Lecture - Behind a Mask: Tricks, Pitfalls and Prejudices for Noninvasive Ventilation - "You Are Wearing a Mask and You Look Better that Way" Iggy Pop (the Mask) Stefano Nava
28th Phil Kittredge Memorial Lecture - Thinking Outside the Box: Moving the Profession Beyond the Hospital Walls Timothy Myers