Respiratory Care 2012

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Exhibit Hall Map/Booth Prices


Download a map of the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center exhibit hall in Adobe Reader format for use in requesting your booth location on the exhibitor application.

Booth Prices

Booth requests for two or more booths must be in-line; peninsulas are not allowed.

The exhibit space rental fee does not include: furniture, accessories, carpeting, audio-visual equipment, additional signs or electricity. These items can be ordered from individual contractors using the forms provided in the Exhibitor Service Kit to be e-mailed in August.

Interior Booth*—$4,400

An in-line booth is one or more standard 10' x 10' units arranged in a straight line.

Corner Booth*—$4,900

A corner booth is an in-line booth exposed to aisles on two sides. All other guidelines for in-line booths apply. All corner booths must be masked, at exhibitor’s expense, to avoid unsightly appearance.

Priority Booth*—$5,300

Highest traffic areas

*The above booths (interior, corner and priority) are a 10’x10’ structure, limited to 8 feet in height and cannot extend further than 3 feet from the back wall. Booths come with a back drape, a 7" x 44" identification sign with the company name, city, state and booth number. The exhibiting company name to be displayed is the name listed on the original application for space.


An island booth must be accessible from all four sides; no drape or back wall permitted. All parts of the booth structure and display materials are permitted to a maximum height of 20 feet including signs, company name, logo, product information, lighting trusses or any other types of lighting fixtures, with a 40% see-through effect from front to back and from side to side.

• 10' x 20' Island—$8,500 • 30' x 40' Island—$46,000 • 50' x 50' Island—$76,000
• 20' x 20' Island—$18,500 • 30' x 50' Island—$50,000 • 50' x 60' Island—$90,000
• 20' x 30' Island—$28,000 • 30' x 60' Island—$55,000 • 60' x 60' Island—$94,000
• 20' x 40' Island—$33,750 • 40' x 40' Island—$54,000 • 70' x 70' Island—$100,000
• 20' x 50' Island—$40,000 • 40' x 50' Island—$69,000  
• 30' x 30' Island—$41,000 • 40' x 60' Island—$71,500  


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