Respiratory Care 2012

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Badge Information/Prices/Free Access

General Badge Information

The AARC issues an official name badge for each of the exhibitor’s representatives based upon the Badge Request Form which will be e-mailed under separate cover by the end of August. Each exhibiting company is allotted 6 badges per each 100 square feet of purchased exhibit space. An exhibitor with two 10' x 10' booths will be allotted 12 exhibitor badges. An exhibitor with one 20' x 20' island will be allotted 24 exhibitor badges, etc.

Please note: The booth manager is the only person authorized to make any changes. Please be sure whomever is designated as the “On-Site Booth Manager” will be available from setup until the close of the show. More than one person can be assigned as booth manager. The booth manager may pick up ALL of the badges for their exhibiting company. Individuals wishing to pick up their own badges on site will be required to show photo ID.

Badges are nontransferable.

Exhibitor badges worn by anyone other than the individual whose name is shown on the badge face will be confiscated, and the former wearer will be escorted to the nearest exit.

No exhibitor is authorized to place a business card over their name badge. Exhibitor badges that have been altered by insertion of a business card will be confiscated and the former wearer will be escorted to the nearest exit.

Badged exhibitors will have access to the exhibit hall two hours prior to exhibits opening and one hour after closing.

Exhibitor badges allow access to all Congress lectures.

Models coming in for interviews must go to the “Exhibitor Special Services” counter in the registration area to pick up a temporary badge. Once a model has been selected, an official badge needs to be arranged by the on-site booth manager. Only persons wearing an AARC official name badge will be allowed to enter the exhibit hall.

Guest Badge

The AARC does not have a guest badge for exhibitors. Each exhibiting firm can choose to allot its exhibitor badges to staff, guests, service technicians, potential clients, distributors, trainees, etc. as they deem necessary. After the complementary allotment is filled, an exhibitor can purchase either a four-day, full congress badge or a one-day badge (on-site only).

Prices for Additonal Badges

Exhibiting companies may register at no charge six (6) representatives for each 10’ x 10’ booth.  Additional representatives may be registered by the booth manager for the entire 4 days of the show or for 1 day only at the following rates.

By April 29 By Sept 28 After Sept 28 and On-Site 1 Day (On-site Only)
$350 $375 $405 $210

Free Access to the Exhibit Hall

Free access is available on Monday, November 12, from 12:00 P.M. until 4:00 P.M. This time is allotted for distributors, clients, students, account representatives, friends, acquaintances and others to visit the largest respiratory care exhibit hall in the world. Individuals who wish to visit prior to this time will need to register for a one-day or four-day badge.


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