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Course Requirements

To view Exam Prep, the latest version of any popular web browser is recommended (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) but should work on older browsers including Internet Explorer 6. Flash Player 9.1 or newer is required if you are using Internet Explorer. Make sure scripting is enabled in your browser. Also, a broadband connection to the Internet (cable, DSL, or better) is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I purchase Exam Prep at the NBRC store?

Follow the instructions and personal link sent to you via email. Login in to your personal NBRC store with your AARC Member/Account number:

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Select one test to “purchase” at a time. Ideally, you will start with the CRT Pretest, then the CRT Posttest, the RRT Pretest and finally the RRT Posttest. Click Add to cart:

Screen Shot

The quantity should be 1 and the cost should be $0. Click on the Continue button:

Screen Shot

The billing address page, just click Continue with purchase:

Screen Shot

On the order summary page, you should see the one test you selected. If it’s wrong, please hit cancel and start over. If it’s correct, please hit the Continue button:

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You’ll be asked to enter your name and your email address. Then hit the Continue button:

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The Checkout page should show the same info as the Summary page before. Hit Place order:

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Once you see the Processing Order page, you’re done! Hit the Take Exam Now button and you’ll see instructions from the NBRC on their testing module:

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How long should I wait to receive an email?

You will receive a “Getting Started” email from us after you register for the course and “View Results” emails after you take the CRT pre-test, CRT post-test, RRT pre-test and RRT-post-test. You should receive the “Getting started” email within 30 minutes of your registration being processed. The other emails will be sent within 30 minutes of the NBRC sending you your results.

If you don’t receive your emails from the AARC or the NBRC, please contact AARC Customer Service at Please include your name, account/member number, which test you’re waiting on results for and when you took it.

How do the CRCEs work?

This is a first for us. Typically, AARC exams are available until December 31st of the year you register for a course. For Exam Prep, the exams will be available for you thru November 2016. Because this course is so big and has so many CRCEs available, we wanted you to be able to earn these CRCEs when you need them.

For example, if you only need a few CRCEs this year, you might take the exam for sections 3A and 3B this year. Then when your next renewal cycle starts, you might take the exam for 1B and 3D, to cover your CRCE requirements for that next year.

Also, the number of questions on an exam is proportional to the number of CRCEs available for a section. So, for example, section 3G is worth 5 CRCEs, so there are 50 questions on that exam. In Exam Central, you can start a test one day and finish it on another day, so if you don’t have time to do the exam in one sitting, it should not be a problem.

Keep in mind, you will only have access to the videos for 365 days from the date you purchased this course and you will only have two chances to pass an exam for a section. So study well!

How is the prescription built?

Any matrix section where your score is less than 70% will appear on your prescription.

Why did I fail a section when I only missed one question?

If that section only had two or three questions on the exam, missing one question would give you a score under 70%, which is the point we add a section to your prescription.

Will Exam Prep work on my mobile device?

Exam Prep has been tested and works on iOS and Android devices. WiFi connections to the Internet are recommended to reduce video buffering times. Exam Prep video presentations range in size from 10 MB to 300 MB which will count against your data plan limits if viewing over a cellular connection.

I can’t find the presentations or my prescription. Where is all the content?

It sounds like you might be using Internet Explorer in compatibility mode. Turn off compatibility mode by clicking on the compatibility mode icon (at the tip of the orange arrow below) and you should see 5 tabs: About This Course, Faculty, Course Modules, Exam Results, and Help. Your prescription and course presentations are under the Course Modules tab.

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What topics are covered in the videos?

We have covered the topics outlined in the NBRC’s exam matrix. There are no titles because the topics often overlap. If you are unfamiliar with the NBRC matrix, see below. If you need to study matrix element 3G, you will need to view all the videos listed under 3G.

NBRC Matrix

  1. Patient Data Evaluation and Recommendations
    1. Review Data in Patient Record
    2. Collect and Evaluate Additional Pertinent Clinical Information
    3. Recommend Procedures to Obtain Additional Data
  2. Equipment Manipulation, Infection Control, and Quality Control
    1. Manipulate Equipment by Order or Protocol
    2. Ensure Infection Control
    3. Perform Quality Control Procedures
  3. Initiation and Modification of Therapeutic Procedures
    1. Maintain Records and Communicate Information
    2. Maintain a Patient Airway Including the Care of Artificial Airways
    3. Remove Bronchopulmonary Secretions
    4. Achieve Adequate Respiratory Support
    5. Evaluate and Monitor Patient’s Objective and Subjective Responses to Respiratory Care
    6. Independently Modify Therapeutic Procedures based on the Patient’s Response
    7. Recommend Modifications in the Respiratory Care Plan Based on the Patient’s Response
    8. Determine the Appropriateness of the Prescribed Respiratory Care Plan and Recommend Modifications when Indicated by Data
    9. Initiate, Conduct, or Modify Respiratory Care Techniques in an Emergency Setting
    10. Act as an Assistant to the Physician Performing Special Procedures
    11. Initiate and Conduct Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Home Care