School Protection Kit

For the past several years the issue of declining student enrollments has been a matter of concern to the AARC. A number of institutions have discontinued their respiratory therapy programs because of low enrollment numbers. Despite all of the reports depicting a gloomy future for the future of respiratory education, there are success stories to be shared. Program directors have used some of the materials and suggestions offered by the AARC and have also come up with innovative ways to recruit potential students and insure the continued success of their programs. The files available here comprise what has been dubbed a “School Protection Kit”.

The kit consists of 40 different files and five Power Point presentations. The contents are all hyperlinked from an introduction file and include suggestions, helpful data on human resource needs, Committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) data, survey results, a school protection success story, Internet links to articles on recruitment and school protection, sample letters, additional recruitment tools, a sample school-to-employer partnership, and the AARC Student Recruitment Action Plan with all attachments. There is also a link to an AARC membership application form for those program directors who are not AARC members and who may decide to join. Your membership in the AARC makes it possible for us to provide these services.

As always, if you feel we can be of assistance, we hope you will feel free to contact us.

Instructions and System Requirements

    • Click here to start the download. (1.5 MB Zip archive)
    • Choose “Save” in the File Download dialog box.
    • Remember where you save the Zip archive.
    • Decompress the file with WinZip or StuffIt Expander.
    • Open the “Resource Kit” folder and click on the “Introduction.doc” file.
    • You must have Microsoft Word 98 and PowerPoint 98 or newer.
    • An internet connection is also suggested.