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The Community section is here to facilitate interaction between you and your fellow health care professionals. You can post a message to our bulletin board, join an email list, and more.

The AARC’s social and professional networking site.

AARC Networking and Social Media Rules and Etiquette
This document contains the rules we enforce and the etiquette we expect of users of AARC electronic mailing lists.

AARC Roundtables
These special interest groups allow you to share ideas and information with other members who have an interest in specific niches within the profession; they all operate out of the AARConnect Web site.

Does one of these topics interest you? You can join any roundtable by going to (log in with your AARC member number and password). Once you are in, go to—

– Directory, then
– Communities, then
– Roundtables.

From there, click on your favorite roundtable(s) link, click on the Members tab, and click on “Join Community”. It’s that easy!

  • Asthma Disease Management
  • Disaster Response Roundtable
  • Geriatrics Roundtable
  • Hyperbarics Roundtable
  • Informatics Roundtable
  • Military Roundtable
  • Moderate Sedation
  • Neuromuscular Roundtable
  • Research Roundtable
  • Tobacco-Free Lifestyle

AARC Specialty Sections
Find out more about the Specialty Sections of the AARC. Members of Specialty Sections are encouraged to join the electronic mailing lists.

Coding Mailing List
This list is for individuals wanting to discuss issues related to coding for respiratory care and pulmonary procedures.

Community Service and the RT
Respiratory therapists are generous with their time and talents. See what activities we’re working on.

Disease State Management Resource List
This list contains contact information for AARC members who have branched out successfully into disease state management. These individuals are available to share their experience and knowledge with other AARC members interested in this growing area of the profession.

Like our page and read updates.

Member Services
Learn more about the services, programs, products, and money-saving opportunities that help therapists like you grow and develop as a professional.

Recentralized Respiratory Care
A list of contact information for organizations that have recently recentralized respiratory care services.

Restructuring Resource List
A peer counseling network of AARC members who have been involved in hospital restructuring initiatives. Provides phone contact information as well as names of consulting companies used in reorganization efforts.

Join in and get updates from the AARC and staff members as they post their take on the organization and their activities.