Communications and Connections

Government Representation
A full-time director of government affairs works for you in Washington, DC, and helps the Association leaders plan strategies for introducing legislation and influencing regulatory activities.

Public Relations

The AARC represents you to the media, other organizations, the general public, and the health care industry. We have become the recognized leader and expert on respiratory care issues by such publications as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and HealthWeek.

Liaison Activities

The AARC appoints representatives to all accrediting, credentialing, standards, medical, regulatory, and legislative organizations that may have an impact on your profession.

Chartered Affiliates
By joining the AARC, you have access to a state society for respiratory care. There are also international affiliates in Mexico, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan.

State Government Affairs
The AARC’s director of state government affairs works with the AARC’s affiliates to help strengthen the profession in each state. AARC supports its chartered affiliates financially in these endeavors through grant & loan programs.

Specialty Sections
Membership in Specialty Sections allows you to network with your peers who specialize in areas of diagnostics, continuing care/rehabilitation, sleep, management, education, adult acute care, perinatal/pediatric care, subacute care, transport, or home respiratory care. Nominal membership fee applies.

Respiratory Care Week
Each year, the Association sponsors Respiratory Care Week—the last full week in October—to recognize the work of respiratory care practitioners and increase community awareness of respiratory issues. More…

Professional Promotion

From time to time, special opportunities arise to promote the profession at nontraditional or even high-profile events, such as a National Science Fair or AARP meetings.