Choosing the Best Program

Which Respiratory Care Program is Right For You?

There are many considerations when choosing a respiratory care program that meets your needs and helps you achieve your career goals.

The AARC has developed a template of questions you can ask a prospective school to help you evaluate a potential program. Adapt the questions below to meet your needs. Then, visit the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) webpage with program emails and websites to find an accredited program.

Prospective student questionnaire for program directors


  • Using your computer’s editing function, copy the questionnaire template below
  • Click the link above to go to the roster of respiratory care programs and select programs that interest you
  • Modify the questions to fit your needs


I am interested in your respiratory care program and am considering applying for admission. Would you please provide the following information about your program? (modify to suit your academic situation)

  • I am a high school graduate; are there any high school courses that are prerequisites for admission?
  • I am a current college student. Please indicate the process so I can have my academic transcript(s) reviewed to determine what courses will transfer.
  1. Instructor to student ratio in classroom ____:____
  2. Instructor to student ratio in the training lab ____:____
  3. Instructor to student ratio during clinical practicums ____:____
  4. Approximately how many clinical hours are required? _____
  5. Of the total clinical practice hours, what percentage is available for students in the following areas?
    Adult care _____%
    Critical care _____%
    Neonatal/pediatric care _____%
    Diagnostics _____%
    Management _____%
    Specialty rotations _____%
  6. What do you feel are unique aspects of the clinical training?
  7. Do you offer training on specialty credentials? If yes, which ones?
  8. Do you offer any additional programs or courses after I graduate from your school?
  9. What is the program’s job placement rate? _____%
  10. What percentage of graduates pass the NBRC entry-level examination on the first attempt? _____%
  11. What percentage of graduates earn the NBRC RRT credential within 2 years? _____%
  12. Program costs
    Tuition _____
    Books _____
    Other fees _____
    Uniforms & equipment _____
    Total cost _____
  13. Do you offer financial aid
  14. Do you offer disability services for your students?
  15. Would it be possible to provide contact information for a current student or recent graduate or have them contact me? I can be reached at _________ (phone). My email address is ___________.