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AARC Membership Levels

There are many levels of AARC participation, but every member is important.

No matter where you are in your career, join the AARC today and become part of a group of committed professionals who listen, learn and share with each other to provide patients with the highest quality care available.

Active Member Active members enjoy the full range of participation in the AARC, including all membership benefits, voting privileges and the ability to hold office on any of the AARC boards. To be eligible for Active Membership, you must be a respiratory care practitioner working directly in patient care. This includes staff therapists, staff technicians, respiratory care department managers and respiratory care educators.

Associate Member This membership level is for professionals working in fields related to respiratory care such as medical equipment sales or manufacturing, physicians and other allied health care professionals who do not work directly with patients. It also includes related professionals living in foreign countries. As an Associate Member, you enjoy full membership benefits, but may not vote or hold office.

Student Member Student memberships are open to any student enrolled in an AARC recognized or accredited respiratory therapy education program. Student Members receive the same benefits as associate members, but at a discounted rate. A student membership also does not include CRCE enrollment.

Special Member A Special Membership is open to anyone who does not work directly in respiratory care or in a related field, but has an interest in respiratory care. Special Members enjoy the same benefits and privileges as Associate Members.