AARC members have a wealth of resources at their fingertips right on AARC.Org and AARConnect, but these days you need to be in more than one online community in order to maximize your job seeking potential. One place that is nearly a must is LinkedIn.

Billed as the world’s largest professional network (some 225 million strong), LinkedIn is a free service that offers users the chance to build a professional identity online, connect with colleagues all over the world, discover professional opportunities, and learn from their peers.

LinkedIn also gives companies and associations like the AARC a chance to set up their own pages, and the Association has done just that.

Our page on LinkedIn features regular updates on Association activities, products and services available to help you build your career, and a discussion forum where any day of the week, any hour of the day you’ll find respiratory therapists talking about issues important to the profession.

Just like on Facebook you can “like,” “comment,” and “share,” and putting yourself out there will help everyone else in the group get to know who you are and what you stand for -- all of which can lead to more opportunities to network directly with respiratory managers across the country who are in hiring positions in their organizations.

The nice thing about LinkedIn is that inquiring about job opportunities isn’t frowned upon either, as it might be on Facebook (“Why is that guy talking about jobs here?”) or even the AARC discussion lists (“Aren’t we here to share information about patient care?”).

On LinkedIn, people are actively looking for new employment opportunities all the time, so if you want or need a new job, no one is going to think you stepped out of line by inquiring about what’s out there!And with more than 600 followers right now and more coming on board every day, the AARC LinkedIn page has plenty of folks to tap into.

So if you have yet to join the 225 million folks who are already on this networking site do it today. If you’re already there but aren’t following the AARC, do that too – our 600+ followers represent your best bet for networking about professional opportunities in respiratory care.