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PR Ideas and Opportunities

Public awareness of respiratory therapists is a number one goal of the AARC. The Association strives to capitalize on opportunities wherever they present themselves.

Public relations occurs when there is a public need met by a respiratory therapist. Recently, these opportunities have presented themselves and here are ideas on how you can take advantage of them:

COPD Screenings

A COPD study was announced, which included mentions of the AARC and interviews with executive director Sam Giordano:


What you can do:
Capitalize on the news of this study by organizing a community service screening in your city. You can create your own news with free respiratory screenings for asthma and COPD, asthma education in local schools, successful smoking cessation programs, and more -- anything that showcases how respiratory therapists help ensure good lung health. Helpful tools to do so are on our web site:

Sample Press Release

EPA and Childhood Asthma

The EPA has launched a public service campaign on childhood asthma. They have asked the AARC for assistance. We have provided them with names of contacts in key cities, but you can dovetail off of these efforts in your own cities.

EPA Campaign Website

What you can do:
Approach your local TV stations and encourage them to run the PSA and a news segment about childhood asthma. Review the materials below from the AARC and EPA to get a campaign launched in your city.