Free Web Student Program

Students enrolled in accredited respiratory care education programs can receive free membership with the AARC Free Web Student Membership program. These memberships are web-based, meaning that AARC Times and Respiratory Care are provided to students only through the members-only internet links.

A school is eligible to offer free memberships to its students if, and only if, all full-time, part-time, and clinical preceptors and instructors are members of the AARC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must all faculty be members?

Our ability to offer these free memberships to students is contingent upon attracting and maintaining more full memberships within the AARC. We must have high faculty participation in order to make this work. It is, of course, widely accepted that participation in the professional association by those professionals teaching our students is highly desirable.

How will you ensure that all faculty members are being reported to you?

We will rely on the integrity and honesty of the program directors reporting the faculty names to us. As stated, program directors understand that it is important to have professionals surrounding our future professionals.

What about clinical instructors?

We do ask that you submit the names of your clinical instructors to us. We know that schools have many different and unique arrangements with clinical affiliates and clinical instructors. We expect that you will report to us the primary individuals having interface with your students or the lead therapists at the clinical sites. Again, we will rely on you to report those individuals to us whom you feel have the greatest impact and interface with your students, and that you will recognize that our ability to offer these free membership is contingent upon a large cadre of regular memberships within the AARC. This is one way that you can give back to the AARC: Ensure that you are promoting and expecting memberships from those individuals surrounding your students.


What happens after a student’s free membership expires in two years?

If it expires and they renew prior to their graduation date, they will be permitted to pay the regular student rate of $25. If it expires after their graduation date, they will be billed for a full AARC membership. They will also be eligible for the early student renewal program.

What if my students joined as free web members last year?

Students who have previously been registered are given two years of membership OR membership until their specified graduation date—whichever comes first. When you sign on to your faculty admin page, their names should be visible to you if they are within these parameters. We ask that you make sure your roster is current. Please check it whenever you enter new students.

If one of my students is already a member of the AARC, can they be included in this program?

Their name will need to be submitted to us after their current regular paid membership in the AARC expires. No refunds will be given to students who have previously paid.

What if I submitted my faculty names to you last year? Do I need to again?

Yes you do. This is a new year and it’s time to do it again.