About the Chair of Adult Acute Care

Keith Lamb

Keith Lamb, RRT

Keith Lamb is a Respiratory Therapist, Board Credentialed Critical Care Specialist, and licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner. As Supervisor of Adult Critical Care at UnityPoint Health System in Des Moines, Iowa, he is in charge of bedside clinical critical care, critical care research, and critical care education. His primary interests lie within the practice of respiratory care as it pertains to the critically ill/injured patient. Mr. Lamb is particularly interested in current research and practice regarding the progressive management of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). He is especially interested in the management of these patients through the use of lung protective strategies, recruitment maneuvers, extreme positioning, therapeutic hypothermia and the use of pharmacological interventions. Mr. Lamb’s other interests include chest trauma, ICU sedation and management of the difficult airway. He lectures locally, nationally and internationally, most recently in Prague, the Czech Republic and Shanghai China. Mr. Lamb has written numerous articles published nationally, edited book chapters, served as an expert witness and is involved in several active research initiatives. He is the Chair of the Adult Acute Care Section of the American Association for Respiratory Care, and sits on the board of directors of the same organization. Mr. Lamb is an active member of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, and sits on the Multidisciplinary Critical Care Knowledge Assessment Committee. This committee is responsible for developing the annual Critical Care Fellowship preparatory exam.

Previous Chairs

Year Chair
2008–2010 Michael Hewitt, RRT-NPS, FAARC, FCCM
2006–2007 Alexander Adams, MPH, RRT, FAARC
2001–2005 Nicholas Widder, RRT
1997–2000 John Graybeal, CRTT
1995–1996 Robert S. Campbell, RRT
1993–1994 James E. Burchfield, BS, RRT
1991–1992 Dean Hess, MEd, RRT
1989–1990 Richard D. Branson, RRT
1987–1988 Michael S. Benson, BS, RRT
1985–1986 Larry H. Conway, AAS, RRT
Joe N. Ross, MS, RRT
1984 Fred Ganc, RRT
Ken C. Craig, BA, RRT
Kathy Harris, RRT
1983 Unavailable
1982 Fred Ganc, RRT
Gary Jeromin, RRT
Craig L. Olesen, RRT
1981 Cynthia J. Molle, RRT
Steven R. Loveland, BA, RRT
Michael McPeck, RRT
1980 William J. Teany, RRT
Steven R. Loveland, BA, RRT
Michael McPeck, RRT
1979 Karen Shaffran-Larson
RRT Robert Demers, BS, RRT
C. Bryan DeHaven, Jr., RRT
1978 Gary L. Gerard, RRT
Robert R. Demers, BS, RRT
Robert F. Clothier, Jr., RRT