Tools on the Job

AARC Store
Visit the AARC Store to view educational products for yourself and your patients, items to raise awareness at health/career fairs, or apparel and gift items to show pride in your profession. All items in the Store are made available at discounted prices to members. Here are some of the categories of products available to help you.

  • Manuals and Books – Review the Uniform Reporting Manual, Human Resources Survey, Coding Essential books, competency materials and other management tools.
  • Current Topics – Use this DVD series to get continuing education and keep abreast of state-of-the-art respiratory care from experts in the field.
  • eBooks – Delve into the literature a little further by reading all that published on a topic from RESPIRATORY CARE journal.

Clinical Practice Guidelines
The AARC publishes evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.

Tools and Software
Members have access to various tools and software programs that will help them do their job better. Things like our Benchmarking program, a COPD Toolkit, a pulmonary rehab toolkit and more will help you contribute value to your job.

Clinical Resources
Available to members are a number of clinical resources and checklists to keep you on top of what is going on. Ebola information, patient safety checklists, tobacco resources, and more provide the kind of information that keeps you on top of your game.

White Papers
Documents and whitepapers are topics of importance to the profession are made available to AARC members.