AARC Makes Changes in Dues Structure

 Updated: April 4, 2017

2001 was a memorable year for many reasons. The iPod first came on the market. Wikipedia was launched on the World Wide Web. Changes and fears came about to economic situations, financial markets, and national security in this country.

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And 2001 was also the year that AARC last raised its dues for members.

Now we find that simply to meet the ever-growing expenses of doing business, we’re at a point where dues must be increased.

But never fear, you have time to lock in current rates and extend your membership for a year or more, by renewing now — before Sept. 30.

“We never like to raise our rates and that’s why we’ve not done it for many, many years,” said Sherry Milligan, Associate Executive Director of Membership. “The addition of new programs and the cost of delivering services necessitates an increase at this time.” She noted that had the $90 fee kept pace with inflation, it would today represent $127.

As we look back to 2001, AARC itself has changed into a different organization, offering more services and benefits than ever. These programs, now popular features of membership, have developed in recent years.

  • Live Webcasts
  • Benchmarking Services
  • AARC University
  • Web Memberships for Students
  • Digital-Print Options for all members
  • Refreshed website
  • Community service involvement
  • Contemporary resource materials (Ebola, H1N1 Flu, Ventilator Stockpile training)
  • Ethics courses to meet state requirements
  • NBRC examination discount

Beginning Oct. 1, the following rates will be charged.

Level of Membership Current Rate Rate After Oct. 1
Print Level — receive AARC Times and Respiratory Care $90.00 $99.00
1+1 — choose one publication to be mailed; one to view online $84.25 $94.00
Digital — view both publications online $78.50 $89.00